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O, Spacemas Tree 2022!
[Image: WGjR8iK.png]

Good tidings, spacefolks!

It's been another wonderful year in space, many exciting events, members of staff and features for us all to enjoy. A veritable feast of new content made by our coders and community alike!

We introduced the Flock antaognist type, the new spicy Nadir map, the Centcom canvas, randomised station rooms and much, much more!

This year, the spacemas tree works in a brand-new and very exciting way! Many, many thanks to Pali for the code that makes all this work.

How it works:
  • Click on the spacemas tree to pick up an ornament kit.
  • Paint on the spacemas tree ornament canvas using the ornament paintbrush & eraser.
  • Once you're done, click on the spacemas tree to hang your ornament!
  • You can hang one ornament every round.
  • Click on ornaments already on the tree to like or dislike them.

So get out there and fill the tree with your creations! We'll not be accepting ornaments as responses to this thread, so save your craft skills for in-game.

Thanks as always to Aphtonites for starting this tradition long ago.

Centcom Spacemas Tree Storage Warehouse:

[Image: cUj7gaN.png]
2012 decoration thread

[Image: SkmlTia.png]
2013 decoration thread

[Image: nMMfb4r.png]
2014 decoration thread

[Image: Dwv1uXt.png]
2015 decoration thread

[Image: XkEx7tL.gif]
2016 decoration thread

[Image: 9HSzZM0.gif]
2017 decoration thread

[Image: 0lE3vPB.gif]
2018 decoration thread

[Image: MJsXfk3.gif]
2019 decoration thread

[Image: 5BY73yf.gif]
2020 decoration thread

[Image: FIKpXXH.gif]
2021 decoration thread
Since Spacemas is ending I thought I'd post snapshots of trees with the best ornaments according to in-game voting. (Note that the trees you see in-game don't show the top ornaments, they try to give a mix of new and best sorta.)

There were 755 total ornaments, whoa!

Heisenbee: (457 total ornaments)
[Image: dreamseeker_mjXCiZkKBO.png]

Morty: (240 total ornaments)
[Image: dreamseeker_bMKIO0JP7C.png]

Sylvester: (58 total ornaments)
[Image: dreamseeker_KjDCji6T3z.png]

The top ornament of each server was:

Heisenbee: Luigi's Disembodied Head by thatsmamaluigitoyoumario
[Image: image.png]

Morty: Gun by chaotictyrant
[Image: dreamseeker_tzzcFNVHI3.png]

Sylvester: Rocko!!! by eggcereal
[Image: image.png]
Bonus content:

[Image: dreamseeker_tpJnp0ptWl.png]

[Image: firefox_85dDXPVHn7.jpg]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

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