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O, Spacemas Tree 2017!
[Image: 2PNhLJg.png]

My favourite day on the spaceman calendar is just around the corner & the spirit of Spacemas is in the air once more!

But uh-oh, looks like our old ornament collection had a bounty on it! A band of merciless spy thieves have nabbed all our baubles, trinkets and knick-knacks and traded them in for c-sabers and other nasty gifts.

But we won't let that get us down, we'll rebuild better than ever! Again! For the sixth year straight!

The Rules:
  •  Less than 16x16 pixels
  •  SS13/Spacemas related
  •  Not super dumb
  •  If animated, 4 frames long
  •  New art only, no existing sprites!

Many thanks to Aphtonites for starting this neat tradition for us, i guess this is my third year as host!

Spacemas Tree Memorial Garden:

[Image: cUj7gaN.png]
2012 decoration thread

[Image: SkmlTia.png]
2013 decoration thread

[Image: nMMfb4r.png]
2014 decoration thread

[Image: Dwv1uXt.png]
2015 decoration thread

[Image: XkEx7tL.gif]
2016 decoration thread
Because the katana was one of my favorite additions this year, I'd love to have it on the tree.

gif with tree-like background:

[Image: SZeFKCL.gif]

transparent 4 frames and gif:
ever since the roundstart items got added i've loved getting to mess around with the instruments
i'd love it equally much if i got to show that on the tree so i went and made an air horn

[Image: airhorn1.png]
A rare authentication disk holding secrets lost to time and known to destroy those that attempt to bypass the encryption on it if ever located.

[Image: FQF3KJp.gif]
An elf-monkey!

[Image: yuJR6T6.png]
i made a mini spacemas tree

[Image: GR2ByHk.png]
not an ornament but i'm pretty sure the status tab still says "christmas cheer" instead of "spacemas cheer"
Merry Spacemas!
Here's a Syndicates & Stations/ arcade junk themed snowman:
[Image: JO8pjzT.gif]
a discount dan keychain/ornament

[Image: klmAuY6.png]
snip its not working fml lmao
For maximum irony and to commemorate one of the brand new game modes that came out this year, here's a itsy bitsy lil' spy thief, based off the wiki's spy thief sprite.

[Image: 0e3QwGI.png]
Meta. [Image: d82a4085-d731-11e7-a83c-3df871fe078b.gif]

Edit: Fuck. Somebody else did it. Lol. Well, I'll do something else.
Just an antagonist I'm excited for!

[Image: 9sGXWK0.gif]

Edit:also, no pretty mageziya canister as the trunk??
Not an entry, just hilarious:
[double redacted]
Tries to make pompadour, makes [self-redacted]. Help.

edit: On second thought I'm never sure about how twitchy this forum is or isn't. Better to err on the side of caution.
edit: Gonna err on the err on the side on the side of cauation and remove that so it doesn't get put on the tree.
[Image: rpPYN5F.png]
A blob nucleus. It's here to consume your spacemas presents.

[Image: gewTSvh.png] Also here's his slightly shorter brother, Santa Blob.

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