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O, Spacemas Tree 2020!
[Image: 6FgZt8v.png]

Merry Spacemas everybody!

Whoah, what a totally wild year! We went open-source (it wasn't even an April Fools joke) and the whole community came together to help develop our wonderful little videogame. Features are being added faster than ever, the admin staff has swelled ever larger, more great maps have joined the roation and we're on the verge of some game-changing new art. bee

With that in mind, will you once again come together as friends and contribute some Spacemas tree decorations for our most hallowed of festive traditions? I even have an incentive this year...

* Five lucky participants will be chosen via raffle to win Byond memberships! *

The Rules:
  • Less than 16x16 pixels
  • SS13/Spacemas related
  • Not super dumb
  • If animated, 4 frames long
  • New art only, no existing sprites!
Thanks to Aphtonites for starting this tradition in years long past!

Forgotten Spacemas Tree Forest:

[Image: cUj7gaN.png]
2012 decoration thread

[Image: SkmlTia.png]
2013 decoration thread

[Image: nMMfb4r.png]
2014 decoration thread

[Image: Dwv1uXt.png]
2015 decoration thread

[Image: XkEx7tL.gif]
2016 decoration thread

[Image: 9HSzZM0.gif]
2017 decoration thread

[Image: 0lE3vPB.gif]
2018 decoration thread

[Image: MJsXfk3.gif]
2019 decoration thread
Oh my goodness, what a great tradition!!

Here's my contribution, a reminder to bee safe and healthy in 2020 and beeyond!

[Image: 3bk5zOl.gif]
[Image: u3s9X4E.png]

Cheers to a fruitful collaboration with TomatoGaming. He was a pleasure to work with and was quite generous even when we said he didn't have to pay or give anything--that's well above the call of duty. Maybe next time we can shoulder the burden of adminning his servers more. I'm happy his fanbase has integrated well with ours, and that for the most part, the pre-existing playerbase hase welcomed them with open arms.
I have decided to make a account on the forums so i could submit a pixel art of a little space timberdoodle easily my favorite animal in the game.

[Image: 7da878614dc3506.png]
As a question, are we allowed to make sprites for the presents beneath the tree? I have an idea or two for some possible presents! If so, what are the rules for those?
I made two, but if only one can be used, I'd prefer the first one!

A baby seal for seasonal animal cuteness:

[Image: bIDBgLu.png]

A very small margarita because I think we all deserve a nice break after this year:

[Image: yBMXDH4.png]
Open source, baby!

[Image: gc4xQPi.gif]
I shall contribute shortly
Smol cap's ID

[Image: ID.png]
(12-01-2020, 07:09 AM)aft2001 Wrote: As a question, are we allowed to make sprites for the presents beneath the tree? I have an idea or two for some possible presents! If so, what are the rules for those?

no rules really other than just don't make them giant or anything i guess
Anyone check their email lately?

[Image: 96gMAnN.jpg]

[Image: njZ11Ny.gif]    [Image: 3rxhSqD.gif]

(One with the NT Logo, and one without. Use whichever you think looks best!)
I was annoyed there wasn't any ghostdrones yet, and only saw the one for 2016 after I made this one.
[Image: f9ghmQU.png]
It's a little high contrast but I'm hoping that will make the limbs stand out properly.
Oh no they're gonna bomb the tree!!!
[Image: M03vmWX.png]
That's a heart on that bomb I think we'll be fine.
[Image: R049d5G.png]
An eyerolling Floorpills for the tree. I've been a member of the game for 10 years now, so why not make an ornament to celebrate?
[Image: gfozJwK.gif]

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