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O, Spacemas Tree 2021!
[Image: hXvdQoN.png]

A holly, jolly Spacemas to you all!

What a busy year it's been!
The art team completed the mammoth task of redrawing every single human body and clothing sprite in the game. Bringing us in to the modern era with a consistant, beautiful design and modern palette choice! Lovely. We've also received new floors, courtesey of new admin Walp! Don't they look clean?

Also Tomato, Criken and their many buds did several streams on the annually revived Nightshade servers, which has given us another massive population boost! Hello new players!
We've also added a pile of new features, to mention just a couple, the Pod Wars game-mode and pugs!

Won't you all join us to make some new ornaments for the spacemas tree? Like we do every year? Please?

The Rules:
  • Less than 16x16 pixels
  • SS13/Spacemas related
  • Not super dumb
  • If animated, 4 frames long
  • New art only, no existing sprites!
Thanks to Aphtonites for starting this tradition in years long past!

Abandoned Spacemas Depot:

[Image: cUj7gaN.png]
2012 decoration thread

[Image: SkmlTia.png]
2013 decoration thread

[Image: nMMfb4r.png]
2014 decoration thread

[Image: Dwv1uXt.png]
2015 decoration thread

[Image: XkEx7tL.gif]
2016 decoration thread

[Image: 9HSzZM0.gif]
2017 decoration thread

[Image: 0lE3vPB.gif]
2018 decoration thread

[Image: MJsXfk3.gif]
2019 decoration thread

[Image: 5BY73yf.gif]
2020 decoration thread
I think Pod Wars is the most favorite feature that was added this year. Think about it, the game mode allows you to focus on practicing Pod Fighting on people rather than robots out in a debris field. It's so damn cool! So cool that I have decided to create a mini Spacemas Pod to make the season more festive. I hope you enjoy this GIF(t). 

[Image: 2sQXq1S.gif]

Goonstation has been a very welcoming place for me and for many others, and I'm so glad that I found it on accident. The Devs and the Admins should be appreciated for not only their work but for their dedication this year and to the Goonstation Community.

Merry Spaceman and a happy new year!

Edit: The gif is now transparent.
[Image: forgivemeforihavesinned.png]
[Image: arcfiend.gif]
maybe this will let me roll arcfiend for once?
little quickly made bauble to represent the addition of the canvas
[Image: SpacemasBauble-1.png.png]
The #imspriter channel on the discord have been going WILD about a 64x64 Big Tex sprite found in the game, so in celebration to that, Big Tex Bauble

[Image: big_tex_bauble.png]
Here's a teeny tiny Dolly! This is a pretty rad community, everyone here is really nice.
[Image: Doly.png]
Places ornament into tree, carefully

[Image: FKGQXhI.gif]
here's mine, a tiny lil medical assistant to celebrate the amount of work that the devs have put into the game despite the struggles and how medass is now the main bot
[Image: spacemas-medass.png] 
(I recommend looking at the actual image cuz the forum preview can make it look squashed)
Not an amazing spriter, but have a chicken i sprited
I'm feelin' lucky this christmas
[Image: QiNrK7p.gif]
Janitor Sweepsky reporting for duty.

[Image: fsxXQG6.png]
A traditional Spacemas rock worm:
[Image: 0inOr4i.gif]
How did you guys add a gif into the text? I tried just copy-pasting but it disappears after a couple of seconds
You can host your image on a platform like imgur, then paste the bbcode link here.

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