HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon)
Been watching Honeybree since the they started playing Security. Seen most of their lows and highs, their frustrations and growth as a member of Security and as a player. Being able to learn from your mistakes is a good trait to have, so watching them fall, learn and get back up constantly was, and still is really delightful. And playing with them has shown me that they have improved immensely from when they first started out.

They have all the good traits that an HoS would need such as a good mindset, leadership skills, keeping it cool in stressful situations and many more. There are also some bad habits they have, that I see them working on already, and I have no doubt in my mind that they'll learn and come out as a better player from those experiences. I would be more than satisfied to see them as an HoS and I absolutely stand by my recommendation.


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