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HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - Honeybree - 08-28-2022

Usual character name: Arcturus Maddox/Ash Dusters/Typhon Naberius
BYOND username: Honeybree
Discord username (if you are on our discord): HoneyBree#7860
Recommended by (if applicable): Juggernaut2442, Telareti, MDIPurple, Nefarious6th
Goon servers you play: RP 3 and 4

Reason for application: Security can sometimes lack coordination or an arbitrator, and these problems can be a detriment to not only security’s, but the crew’s, and the antagonists’, enjoyment; and while an HoS isn’t needed to alleviate that, they can certainly help. I enjoy leading security as an officer, coordinating people, and being an example to them and I hope to make people’s rounds more enjoyable.

Security experience (300 word minimum):

During my time with security I have met many lovely people who have helped shape how I play security; such as when to hold back and give some leeway, to match the intensity with the given situation, or directed me how to play in a way more conducive to fun gameplay/RP. I’ve learned to effectively use the security tools given thanks to my mentors and friends, mainly the radio, which has been paramount to good coordination and communication. I’ve learned most of my security tools fairly well, and could accurately describe their functions and in which scenarios to use them to a newer player if needed. I’ve also learned to get a good handle on sentencing times, punishments for crimes, and how to treat criminals with respect.

An organized and coordinated security team is efficient and fun to play with, for not only the security team, but the crew and antagonists as well. Personally, I like to point out issues to the team, give situation reports, and keep the team organized and on the same page with a level head. When I was learning security, having all this information was overwhelming, but having someone to decrypt it was extremely valuable.

To expand on an earlier point about communication being the most important tool, I’ve found that that doesn’t just apply to security. I’ve learned that the best way to de-escalate a situation in a satisfying way is to talk! There’s been many times I could’ve just tazed someone and arrested them to solve a situation, but that wouldn’t be satisfying to either of us. Talking is also the best way to gather information in my opinion; Oftentimes just talking to someone will give you 10 times the info and enjoyment that going around with a forensics scanner would. As for information itself, I use it to temper my judgement on how to treat a criminal; If they aren’t harming others enjoyment of the round, maybe I’ll let the guy, who I just can’t link to the scene of the crime despite knowing out of game it was likely him, go.

Lastly, something important I’ve learned is that despite the amount of power you have to direct the flow of the round, you don’t have to always use that power. If you are getting overwhelmed it is alright to take a break, step back, and take everything one step at a time. All in all, we’re here to have fun.

Answer two or more of the following:

  • What advice would you give to other sec players?

Criminals and “bad players” are still people, they are still players behind the screen, think about them before you act! Most people are not intentionally malicious or wanting to take away fun from others' games.

Trust is a big thing in security. Trust your team to handle issues on their own, they don’t always need someone to watch them; it’s ok to say “I can’t check on that at the moment, could someone else?”. Trust other officers' opinions and judgement, look to them for help if you are unsure on something, and trust they can handle a situation without a team there for them at all times, watching. Trust other departments that they can do their job, there’s no need to heal another officer if a doctor has a chance to, even if they fail, it’s all part of the game and story. Even trust antagonists to escalate properly, give them some leeway to develop fun RP plotlines for everyone! You don’t always have to win. Trust that others will be acting in the best interest of fun. Others trust security, and that should go both ways; Security isn’t just about security, it’s about the whole station, and what we do doesn’t just affect security’s round, so be cautious and empathetic so as to not ruin others’ rounds.

  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.

When alone it’s important to relay information to the captain/AI, but even if they’re not there, communicate with other departments! Leaving a paper trail is not only important on teams to reference back to, but if you’re alone it can let people know what to do if/when you die, have to leave the round in some other way, or just to reference back to. On my own I feel confident enough in my grasp on appropriate punishments, and on how to respond to situations based on severity without others to assist.

On a team, communication is king, a disorganized team is not allocating resources effectively; Report on everything you do, arrests, brigging, backup needed. On a team you have much more leeway than solo, as you can trust your team to handle issues without you. You also have more input on how to handle a situation than just your own gut decisions, and you have more RP options for situations (such as a hostage situation, or disaster relief after an explosion, etc.).

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • What’s a security gimmick that you’ve ran or wanted to run?
A “Paper’s Please” type gimmick where we actually use the station checkpoints for once, with the help of the HoP of course, or an exclusive club with bouncers for the bar. It’d be fun to see how people circumvent these things. 

  • Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.

Syndies are red,
Sec is red,
My clothes are red,
I am bleeding to death.

  • Draw a picture!

[Image: A2npiqdMoEmn1uejUXgv35aubAB9n7vf6TCv6meR...i7NMum5KW0]

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
None to my knowledge.

RE: HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - nefarious6th - 08-28-2022

ive watched bree grow a lot in security in the past year and move from diligent but perhaps a little timid to becoming a team rallier and coordinator. incredibly levelheaded as an antagonist and officer and never misses a beat in generating interesting stories for the round. I think she has the right mix of being able to direct and lead a team without overstepping on other players; and an ability to cultivate an environment where players can be given a fair chance at attempting their rp/playstyle, whether they're antagonists, crew, or security officers themselves. I've also seen and trust them to intervene in situations where people may be acting out, with respect and calmness but also with confidence and an eye to helping security players become well-rounded and positive contributors to rounds.

+1 from me

RE: HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - Largeamountsofscreaming - 08-28-2022

I've been with Arcturus a decent times as the captain. Whenever I've helped security and played with Honey, they always are proactive and engage with everyone pretty swell. +1 from me

RE: HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - Piesuu - 08-29-2022

I have seen Arcturus a lot as a Captain, Fellow officer or third person. they were always nice and level headed, kept comms updated and did their job very well. Beret's deserved

+1 from me

RE: HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - thimble01 - 08-30-2022

I have only played with Arcturus a few times as Security Officer, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Great officer and great person.
+1 from me

RE: HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - Munien - 08-31-2022

My thoughts are pretty much already summed up in the responses here:
Great communicator
Good at taking lead in a way that isn't overstepping
Efficient, reactive and incredibly fun to play with
Fair and fun with antags and staff alike, creating an environment to foster good rp and fun for everyone involved.

Every shift with Bree is an absolute joy, hope to see them in charge soon. +1

RE: HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - Waffleloffle - 09-05-2022

hesitant, can't really find the words to explain why beyond "in the few sec rounds I've played recently your character has played a Practical Joke on the team that made the round more stressful for me in some way". highly subjective though and I know I tend to be high-strung (which is why I don't play sec all that often)

RE: HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - mab - 09-06-2022

yes, positive feedback from me. we've played several rounds together, also recently, and i can only say positive things! very communicative, always updates the situation via radio, a thing that i personally consider very important. attentive officer, and fair with antags. i think bree would be a good hos, definitely a +1!

RE: HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - MDIPurple - 09-06-2022

Bree is always up to date on what's happening in a round, always knowing to the best of their knowledge what is going on, and actively spreads that information to the rest of the team. Fantastic communication and teamwork, as well as being silly or serious when the time calls for it. Actively tries to improve productivity amongst the team, encouraging taking action while still leaving breathing room to have fun.

+1 from me, for certain.

RE: HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - Spefo - 09-08-2022

I've played with HoneyBree and even watched her play while being a ghost on Goon, and I can say she's up to being a Head of Security, she loves to do team-work, she has the ability to lead, and she's clearly a fun player to play with as I've seen with my eyes.

So I am pretty confident to give this one a +1

RE: HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - ThatScarlett - 09-09-2022

On the rounds I played security with HoneyBree, they've always been a strong member on the team, responding to things that come up, frequent communication on radio, they also show some leadership, even with and HoS around. +1 from me.

RE: HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - Telareti - 09-12-2022

I have had a lot of rounds now with Bree and seen her play different characters, most recently Arc. Bree tends to be fair and polite when dealing with both crew and antags, she communicates really well and in the times i have seen her lead security she does great, often splitting tasks between officers and handling situations in a fair way in how she judges and processes people, often trying to keep it fun for everyone involved and does not overuse the tools she has on hand, and escalates things in a good manner such as starting with talking and then using force if needed

I think Bree would make a good HoS! +1

RE: HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - flyingcow01 - 09-27-2022

After playing with Honeybree quite a few times, I am 100% sure she would do great as a Head of Security. she is always very fair when dealing with antagonists, giving them enough room to run their gimmicks and making sure everyone involved has fun. I also observed her leading security teams in times of a HoS absence and doing very good at it. I think everything else that could have been said has already been said by others, a big +1 from me

RE: HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - Wander - 09-27-2022

Every time I've played with Arcturus that I can remember has been a great time. I've seen them be incredibly thoughtful in how they interact with others and play along with their gimmicks while also providing a great example of what a security officer should be. When I late join into rounds where they are an officer, they generally have a good track of what has gone on and have been the one helping to hold the team and station together in the absence of an assigned leader which has always given me the impression that they'd do well as a leader. In rounds where things are seemingly falling apart at the seams, I've always seen them keep a good mindset and not abandon the values that make them great. Overall, someone I can fully give a +1 to without a doubt in my mind.

RE: HoS Application - Honeybree (Arcturus/Ash/Typhon) - Silent Majority - 09-28-2022

Honeybree has interacted with me since I first came back icly till today. They've been a foe a mentor and an ally. They try to keep a good spirit have a level head and are generally fair. I think Arctus can be a touch harsh sometimes, however I think leaders have to be harsh sometimes. If people aren't punished who clearly are acting in a way that needs to be punished, it creates unsureness.

Piffany the character is still upset about beating the ai to death in front of me because of the one polymorph person.

Piffany the player gives a +1.