FroggitDogget mentor app
Usual character name: Investigangster Klutz / Sergeant Killbees
BYOND username: FroggitDogget
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Froggit Dogget#2669

Recommended by (if applicable): RGBDeadSilent
Goon servers you play: Both 1 and 2

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): Im gonna be blunt, I know the game. Ive put more rounds in over the last 2 years then literally anyone else. However, as you can tell by how thick my ban list is, ive had more then enough bad decisions for one person. Regardless, ive put a ton of time into this game, and ive always tried to answer questions and help bolster peoples creativity in the discord in the past, and throughout all of my hardheadedness, I've tried to mentor new players as best I can the entire time I've played this game. A few weeks ago I even uploaded a few tutorials on how to play, and it feels fucking great knowing that someone found use of them, leaving this comment "this has encouraged me to play ai after thinking its the hardest thing ever, very nice video". Regardless, I could type here all day about how I want to help people, so im going to wrap this half up with, As  ive sank nearly 3000 hours of my life here, I'm starting to play less and less. However, as I play less and less, the less I am able to help people ingame. I dislike that, and ive also heard that a good amount of MHelps go unanswered, which also sucks, and I think that I could help considerably.

Anyway, its no secret, I've butted heads in the past with quite a few people in both the admin team, and in general. I used to take this community very seriously and often verbally fought with those who didn't share my views about the direction of the community, or who had opposite playstyles. Ive only been here for two years, which isn't that much time in the grand scheme of things, but I've been here long enough to reflect on my past, and know that I was immature as hell. Eventually the admin team took notice and removed my HoS status, almost 7?! months ago (It doesnt feel like that much time has gone by, actually feels crazy). However, over the last 6 months, ive tried my hardest to heavily reflect on my previous actions, and its crazy how immature I was, and honestly still am. The crazy thing about stuff ive heavily been one sided on in the past is that this is a sandbox game. Community even. There is no "One mindset fits all" for a place like this, and its silly how I acted in the past.

Honestly I hope we can all move forward, id like to formally apologize for my previous arguments, conflicts, and whatever other dumb things I did, and talk about the future. Im fairly certain my record is (mostly) clean over these last 7..? months and honestly, I don't see myself playing here as much as I did before. (which was also part of the problem) However I love this community and I would love to help it grow, and guide brand new players through the game, while hopefully nudging anyone away from the.. (look at the paragraph above, or the bans below).

Anyways thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope i'll be given a chance.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

Im gonna be blunt, I got alot of bans. If an admin wants they can drop all the notes about my bans below, but off of memory...

3.5 day standard appeal ban by flourish for assisting a secoff beat a nonantag to death roundstart
couple hours for nuking the station to kill 1 blob from efrem 
(the rest of these are most definetly out of order)
a couple from griffles for excessive emoji use
a prayer ban from griffles for "Being extremely froggit dogget"
most recently was a dayban from efrem, i think in nov or dec of 2021?, which was completely my fault. I spammed who like a fucking dumbass after certain events that had recently happened- sorry about that, completely insensitive of me and im not proud of it.
one from tarm for being a salty idiot about a chem nerf and bragging how i could get around it against changelings- im dumb and took this game way too seriously.
oh yea somewhere in there i got a 30 minute from zamu because we were both fucking around as sentient things that shouldnt be sentient when someone asked if we were admins and I said yes, clear violation of rule 10, my bad.

I think thats all of them? if I missed one, genuinly my bad, these are the ones i can remember.

I guess i should mention i technically got hos banned? for uh, all of the above.. and "Talking about exploits and not reporting them" or "greytiding/powergaming a bit too much". **just a note, i did not powergame/greytide while sec, but i definitely was a shithead while not sec

Old mentor app:
Old hos app:
I have been playing for about as long as Froggit has been and I have run the gambit of departments with them. They can assist you in game knowledge from Staffie to Captain (Wait is this actually a good comment?) I'm unsure of what Role they haven't sunk a good number of hours into to understand them.

I have also seen Froggit sit down with new players, not just new to engineering, or being a chef, but straight off the shuttle, and help instruct them on how to play the game. With over 2,000 hours in this game, I can't really say I've seen more then a handful of players actually sit down and do that. This also wasn't any time recently, this was awhile ago so it wasn't just some thing to butter up to a mentor App.

They also know very well what not to do, given the fact that they have numerous bans. I have no problems throwing a +1 onto this because if you need a mentor, someone who is knowledgeable, willing and patient enough for it is a person you need. So yeah, +1.
+1 on this one, when I first came to main after being RP only for above a year after bad main experiences, Imvestmgart or Klutz was one of the first people who I had a really long sit and talk with experience during the round about the way that main really goes, the nature of the players and sec interactions, and how antag versus crew, antag versus sec, and antag versus antag interactions go down. This was in a character name that noone had ever seen before, which really showed me that they were down with talking with absolutely anyone, and made a huge impact with me versus what I was used to with a lot of people being very uncomfortable talking to someone entirely new they didnt recognize.

Ive seen them stop what theyre doing, just to be with new players and teach them how basic basic things work, to highly advanced topics, alll in an understandable way to new players. Even more, they are active in the discord where I see them helping even more players in their understanding and open ways.

When I think of what a mentor should be towards those wanting to learn, towards those in the community, and in general how they should be presenting themselves. The fact that they are such a prime example of how a mentor should be, while not even being a mentor, is a testament to how much I believe they deserve this.

as much as a +1 as I could give
this dude gave me the confidence to play secoff on classic and then like...a Singular NTSO round, amen.

recognizing the chaotic and goofy and yeah, sometimes embarrassing, that has gone on, and that frogget's come an admirable and long ways from where he was, I've never experienced or sensed genuine malice from him, even if he may have been blasting my little solo sec assistant organs full of buckshot. he's good at the game, sometimes goofy at it, and makes and owns up to mistakes, but is genuine too.

with the good faith acknowledgement i hope some of the griefy stuff fades far, far into the past, this is a +1 from me. despite being formidable in all forms from klutz to killbees to stinkfart, frogget doesnt seem to lose sight anymore on trying to make this game fun and approachable for others. FWIW, he does have a real knack for bringing shy or hesitant players out of their shells and into the full realization that they can be just as good as they want to be, and that I think is super cool and an exceptional and rare gift.

be good!

I'm so sorry I spelled it frogget instead of froggit, speaking of embarrassing...
I consider Froggit one of my closer friends on goon, even though we just started chatting in the past few months i haven't noticed anything that I wouldn't want from a mentor he knows his stuff and I haven't seen him act out within the community or ingame. +1
Extremely knowledgable in a lot of game and job mechanics. They've mellowed out considerably in recent months in terms of behavior far as I've seen on how they interact with others, new players and old. Most notabley is the shift towards wanting to help others learn and enjoy the game.

And they seem sincere enough about regretting their past actions and are trying to make strides to improve themselves. Assuming they keep up on trying to improve their behavior, I'm sure they'll be a great mentor to the community.
I have very mixed feelings about this. Take this with a grain of salt.
Your original play style is one of the reasons i left goon. Power gaming, valid hunting, murderboning, speed running the captains spare while the captain is still getting ready for the round as a non antag. Admitting to spending the first 10 minutes of every shift powergaming surgery so you could kill valids. You would ruin gimmicks of antags just because you could turn a spaceman sideways regardless of if a group of people were having fun with the gimmick. Your shit drove me so insane I left. I would constantly bump into you ruining my play experience without you giving a single care in the world about others around you as a non antag. Time you spent not playing showed a noticeable improvement in my rounds.

Other side of the coin, you know everything, very knowledgeable, would sometimes do fun gimmicks if you wern't murdering everyone on the station. He has taught me quite a bit about being robust and mechanics i didnt know existed. When you were doing things beside what was stated above, I would have a lot of fun with you. lots of cool attempts to do things and fun mind slave rounds with gimmicks. It was purely a 50/50 what would be happening

My recent interactions with you have been very positive. So who knows, maybe you have matured and changed. No plus or minus. Just my direct thoughts. I haven't played goon to much.
This dude knows a lot about the game i dont think there are much questions he couldnt answer, i personally never had a negative interaction with him but from what i have read he seems to have improved a lot. +1 from me
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to mixed community feedback and some ongoing concerns about maturity. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be August 26. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep being a friendly and welcoming member of the community!

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