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Klutz / Sergeant Killbees HOS app.
Usual character name: Investigangster Klutz / Sergeant Killbees
BYOND username: Froggit_Dogget
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Froggit Dogget#2669
Recommended by (if applicable): Arthur Holiday, Tire Soup, Bruce McAfee, Ezra Callison
Goon servers you play: Goon 1: Heisenbee (main)

Reason for application: More and more I find myself in a security team full of newer players, and no leadership. Everyone "tries" to do the right thing, but there's no communication, nor do people tend to look at things from every perspective. It's hard to work as a team in sec during these shifts, and i'll often find myself trying to defuse impossible situations, while "just another secoff". Being able to have a HOS on these rounds, to ultimately have the final say in extreme matters is vital. What drove me to make the final push and write this application, I won't lie, is because of some more recent rounds these past few weeks. During the day, theres tons of great sec. But in the morning or evening hours, I find my team full of newer players who dont really know what theyre doing. I try my best to teach those who care, but the rest go out and try to abuse their 2 hit stun sticks for personal gain. Once again, being at a higher position in authority would help me get them to listen to the points I try to bring up with them.

Security experience (300 word minimum):
I have alot of experience with security. When I first started playing, back in july? august? I was a decently big shitter. I never played sec, so to me, they were just there to limit people. However, during this time, despite my shittery, I met some really good security officers during this time. This was months ago, I feel, but I still feel as if I can be a shitter myself sometimes. Within the past few months, ive tried to think on every decision ive made, from every perspective. As you often do in this game, you find someone kicking someone elses teeth in. instead of running up and making assumptions, you need to find out whats really going on. Seperate them and get them to talk. Alot of petty disputes can be solved by just having the two talk it out. However, security isnt only about petty crimes. Its about protecting the station from bigger threats, such as Camryn Stern killing everyone with a csaber the "antags" at bay. While I write "antags", that doesnt mean all antags HAVE  to be bad. To me, antags arent those on the end screen, but those acting with antagonistic behavior. So what if its roundstart and I accidently see someone buy a surplus. So what if someone has command armor. Rather then validhunting, I feel its better to let them make the first move. However the cases vary. If you see a known traitor planting TTV's in lockers across the map, you should stop that. Really, its best to play it case by case, but I prefer to let the antags make the first move if I feel that I can safely robust them if things start to get out of hand. The last point im going to bring up, the dreaded "powergaming". Me, personally, I feel that there arent many people I can't take down with sec gear alone. I don't go and grab anything special while playing sec, because I feel that sec should have a "standard" for antags. When I think of sec, I know what they have. Stun baton and Taser with some utility. I don't plan on the secoff having traitor gear such as cloakers, riot batons, artifact guns/batons, and chemnerdery stuff. No one should have too. Security is already the most equipped for a fight, I feel security shouldn't make themselves impossible to stop.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
    Dont be presumptuous. Find proof, Dont jump to conclusions, and most importantly don't abuse your two hit stun stick
  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
    My favorite, one of the moments that drew me into this game was my first encounter with sec. Back when I was very very new, I had gotten myself locked in EVA roundstart. I didn't know much, but I had seen welding tanks blow up before. Thinking I was gonna be trapped there forever, I found a welder, turned it on and dragged the fuel tank over it. To my awe, it worked. Mission fucking success! the wall was broken, and I got out of EVA with some minor burn wounds... Of course sec didnt like that very much. After explaining the situation, the secoff said they cant just let a welderbomb off the hook. I got a minor brigging, and to me, that was my first time ever comprehending we had a security team.
  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
    I think the round limit for security it too low. Most players, like I remember myself included, don't even comprehend security's job within 15 rounds. This game is tough, and it shouldnt be such a low requirement of 15, where it seems like your "unlocking" security. 
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
    There are tons of differences in my playstyle as solo sec vs a full team. On a full team, theres more time to worry about everything. However as a solo security member, you have to be quick with everything. Im not great at this and I will admit, sometimes in the past i've let the minor things outweigh the more important Camryn Stern csaber murderboning antags killing people at hand. But in terms of differences in my playstyle, I try to be faster with things, but not overlook them.
Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
    Is it killbees, is it klutz, whats the difference, hes a butt!
  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
    I try to keep my gimmicks away from security, but im a pretty humerous person. The only gimmick I can recall, I got the other sec to set their miranda rights to different verses in the song "chugjug with you" and we performed on the shuttle. It was great.
  • Draw a picture!
    It's not embedding I don't think but here's a link:
Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): I actually have two bans. the first, back when I was newer, I was a scientist at roundstart in medbay, when a security officer was chasing someone yelling "REV HEAD!" or something similar. I was newer, so I immediatly sprang to action and beat them to death, while someone else dragged them away. I thought nothing of this at the time, you know, it was a revhead! I saved the day! Turns out, it wasnt revs nor were they a revhead. So I got a 2 day ban which I appealed, sort of angry at the time that I was banned in the first place. You can see the appeal thread here if your interested.  Do note, the security officer wasnt technically in the wrong either. The person we beat to death did in fact have a giant blue R above them. They were set to released, which at the time had a very similar sprite to revhead. but thats besides the point. I screwed up and murdered someone without proof, and then left their body to the wild. 

My second ban, not appealed, was only for 1.6 hours. The admins were doing a cool nuclear blob gimmick, without telling anyone. At the first sign of "blob, maint" I immediatly made a HUGE chembomb and nuked not only the entire blob, but everywhere in a huge radius. It was a smallish blob at the time, so that was really unprecedented of me, and I got off with less then I should have.
Im a SCI main, its what I do. But please judge me based on how you've seen me play security, not science. Also, if you feel I shouldnt be hos, please say so! Im open to your feedback! I likely wont reply, to avoid what could be perceived as me bumping my own thread, but just know ive read it and will definetly consider what youve said.
Not even asking me for a recc ;-;

Yea Klutz is a pretty good officer and I've not seen anything bad or negative from him when he's been on my team and otherwise. He tries to keep antags in the round instead of murdering them and keeps fun in mind as an officer. He can hold his own though and I think he can make a great HoS. +1 here.

I'm also saying he should 100% apply for mentor again if he doesn't have an app up for that, he's got the knowledge and I think he's learned to no be poo.
Really unsure about this.
When Klutz told me he wanted to apply for HoS I've taken a mental note to keep an eye on him whenever he's sec and lately he's really done well, he's always fair to antags, talks to his team on the radio, and knows how to hold his own in a fight even against multiple crimers.

+1, I'm willing to give this lad the boots and hat and see how far he can take them
Froggit Doggit has been a valuable and dependable officer when i've had him on my security team. They're fair to antagonists and attentive to the round. I'll add a +1.
Froggit is a fine officer, and has backed me up and saved my skin multiple times on main. +1
Froggit knows the law and has kept the station pretty safe when hes the law. Hes a formidable opponent for antagonists and will keep security strong. +1
✓ reliable
✓ fun
✓ fair

Froggit has shown an admirable willingness to learn and change his own attitudes towards other players and the game in general that, frankly, most other individuals really struggle with. To come from where he started to where he is now takes a lot of character. He is knowledgeable, effective, fair and has shown a willingness to buck the all too common trend of going along with the crowd in order to do the right thing by players being singled out.

Even his post here has given me some insights into my own security play and missteps.

A soft no from me.

My recent interactions with you have been pleasant, but there has been a strong undercurrent of powergaminess still.

If this were a mentor app, I'd say yes, but I don't feel confident trusting you with the shiny tools in the armory.
A no from me. You still have a rather negative reputation on main for powergaming and going too far on some things. As Camryn said, you have toned it back a bit, but you could do better. You're a great secoff to have around when I'm HoS, but when you're not I'm rather wary of your antics because of your reputation.
I've seen Killbees quite a few times as secoff now. His playstyle definetly is very different when it comes to playing as security/not playing as security. So far I've perceived them as a good and reliable security officer and I do trust them to be a good HoS.

I'm a little concerned because if i remember correctly you have the deaf trait, which usually isnt a problem in most depts. but security relies on communication and it could be a barrier. But otherwise your much better and I'm not seeing you on science as much so I think your changed for the better. +1

disregard the above comment, +1
(04-26-2021, 02:05 PM)onetoughcreampuff Wrote: I'm a little concerned because if i remember correctly you have the deaf trait, which usually isnt a problem in most depts. but security relies on communication and it could be a barrier. But otherwise your much better and I'm not seeing you on science as much so I think your changed for the better. +1

disregard the above comment, +1

Im just going to say this, when I play klutz, I do have the deaf trait, however I don't play sec with klutz. However on Killbees, the character I play security with, I do not have the deaf trait.
If I were to review Froggit based on the way he plays other roles I am not sure I would +1 this, but if I am going to do it based on the way he plays security, as I think I should. This is an easy +1  Killbees is a good and fun sec officer, knows how to be fair to antags and how to teach new players.

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