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Froggit_Dogget banned by flourish
Who banned you?: - Flourish
Byond Key: - Froggit_Dogget
Discord Username: - Sal Vulcano#2669
Date of Ban: - Probably around 12 ish hours ago
Specified Reason for Ban: - Beat a guy to death because they thought they were a rev (the guy hadn't done anything and there was no proof; the round also turned out to not be rev). You weren't online to talk to, so I'm going to apply a short ban to your account. Please don't kill people unless you have solid evidence that they're bad. If you'd like this ban lifted early, please make an appeal on the forums 
Ban Length: - A day and a half.
What led to the ban?: - Im chilling in medbay, then a sec officer runs in being chased by a guy. The sec officer then got knocked down and and was being beat by the guy. At first I ignored it, but then, the sec called out "He's a rev!". At that point I knocked the guy over, pinned him, and beat him to death. I was going to going to go clone him, but someone else dragged the body away. I stayed the rest of the round and got off for the night.
Why am I appealing?: - Goon is the only good server on ss13.
Which rule did you break?: - Rule 1, no griefing.
Evasion Attempts: - No, I didn't.
Edit- I have two computers.
The guy you beat to death was some random person the sec officering was beating up. They did not attack the sec officer first. I get that the game can get really chaotic, but please try to confirm that someone's actually bad before killing them. Ban lifted, let me know if you have issues connecting.
Will do

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