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Complaint CaptainBravo/Efrem, Admin Complaints, This Week
Admin: CaptainBravo/Efrem

Synopsis: Okay, I don't really know how to start this, but here goes. The Admin Complaints forum has typically been viewed as the sacred area where so long as one doesn't use it to launch personal attacks or harass an admin, people cannot be punished. The forum "When + How 2 Submit Admin Feedback" pin says this:

Admins may not punish players for complaints or use them against a player. However, this stems from the assumption that all feedback will be made in good faith, and so if there is a clear consensus that a player has made a complaint in bad faith, there will be repercussions. You're free to criticize admins' actions and conduct, and you're also free to disagree with our takes, but please don't devolve to personal attacks or break the rules. The point of feedback threads is to for constructive feedback that we can learn and do better from. Please don't make joke threads, as they'll just be deleted, and you'll be temporarily forum banned.
Thank you for caring. We'll be doing our best to not be jerks!

So recently, Nerzul posted an admin complaint (which honestly should have been a ban appeal, but that's beside the point), and while it was awful, and should effectively have been ignored, permabanning without letting them appeal for two years is excessive and sets a bad precedent. As far as I know, there have only been a couple of cases where someone's been banned for an admin complaint before, and those cases have been extremely clear-cut. For example, this post: and even in that case (where truly awful things were said) had someone speaking against it. On this post, there weren't any harassing messages, the closest thing was this: "This is a blatant mod abuse and overreach" which is extremely tame compared to many other admin complaints and ban appeals. It's not correct, the original actions were absolutely justified, the r-slur is a horrible word, but preventing someone from appealing for two years is one of the harshest punishments I've seen. Admins, think about the last time you've told someone they can't appeal for two or more years. It's not a regular thing, it's a harsh punishment for an admin complaint, especially from someone who doesn't understand the rules, but isn't actively wishing ill will on anyone. 

Then today, there was another admin complaint. This one about there generally being self-antags on rp and this not being handled well. Whether or not it's true, or if it's the fault of the players not ahelping or the admins not following through or whatever else (it's probably my fault, let's be real), the point is that the admin complaints forum is about "constructive feedback that we can learn and do better from." Responding with a poem is disrespectful and dismissive. The original complaint was absolutely in good faith, and while you can disagree with it, there's gotta be a respectful, measured response. Ley's was an excellent example of something that addressed the issue, shared information on behalf of the admins, and proposed a solution. Just... move your responses up a notch in respectfulness. Respond to the admin complaint with zero substance with your poetry skills, respond to the respectful complaints with respectful responses, and ban or extend bans for people who explicitly break rules inside their post. 

(01-13-2022, 02:34 PM)AmazingDragons Wrote: Respond to the admin complaint with zero substance with your poetry skills

To be clear, that's a joke. After re-reading that didn't seem obvious, sorry.
As much as I dissapprove of the rule-breakers' actions, I agree, CaptainBravos general attitude has been terrible, and in particular, banning someone so harshly (pre-emptively, even), in a place thats supposed to be a sanctuary from that kind of retaliation is just not something I can sit silently by and watch anymore.  It's a treatment I wouldn't wish on all but the worst rulebreakers out there.  Furthermore it sets a precedent and opens the door for even worse abuses later down the line.
The recent complaint about self-antag on RP has now been cleaned up per existing rules of this sub-forum.

As for Nerzul‘s forum ban, it’s a bit murkier given their past behavior so we’re currently discussing it internally.

In any event, thanks for taking the time to write this all up to bring it to our attention.

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