When + How 2 Submit Admin Feedback
You're probably here because you want to submit feedback for a particular admin. 

Here's when to submit feedback:
  • Your feedback is related to a specific event or series of events. Even if a particular event in a series of events isn't substantial enough on its own, if there's a pattern of the behavior, the related incidents can be presented together. 
  • Your feedback concerns someone's actions or conduct as an administrator.
  • You feel as though other methods (ahelps, talking to the admin on Discord, etc.) have been or will be ineffective.
You don't necessarily have to meet all of these points, but it's recommended that you do. 

And when to not submit feedback:
  • Your feedback is extremely brief, vague, or low-effort (this includes deliberately inflammatory or antagonistic posts).
  • Your feedback concerns personal beef with an admin that is outside their role as an administrator. While your complaints there may be legitimate, personal issues should be resolved via our conflict resolution/mediation system
Feedback can be positive or negative, but it should follow a certain format. Here's how to do things properly. 

Title: Title your thread with the admin's name, the server, and the date + time (if applicable). This means we can check logs to see exactly what went on.

Admin: Who was the admin involved?

Server: Was this on main, RP, or the Discord server?
Date + time: Please also provide a timezone.
Synopsis: A brief synopsis of what happened. If it's going to be longer than brief, please use paragraphs. 
Logs: If you have accompanying logs, please post them in spoilers.
Extra information: Anything extra related to the incident goes here.

If you wish to refer to multiple incidents, please use the above template multiple times. 

When you make your thread, you should also tag it with either the Complaint tag or the general Feedback tag.

Please follow this format as it makes all of our lives easier. We'll do our best to keep each other in check and give timely and thoughtful responses. 

Here are a few examples of proper admin feedback:

Flourish, Discord, 5/5/20 1:10PM EST Wrote:Admin: Flourish

Server: Discord
Date + time: 5/5/20 1:10PM EST
Synopsis: I was talking about my favorite artist in the music channel and linked a couple songs from them. Flourish then said I had bad taste in music and that anyone who liked my favorite artist was a loser. When I asked them if they were being serious, they sent a :shelterfrog: and then stopped responding. I couldn't tell if they were being serious or not, but I was very hurt by their comments.
Extra information: I don't want them to be punished or anything, I just wish they would acknowledge what they did and be less condescending in the future. 

Flourish, Main, 5/5/20 1:10PM EST Wrote:Admin: Flourish

Server: Main
Date + time: 5/5/20 1:10 PM EST
Synopsis: I was a changeling on the main server. I was doing a gimmick where I would ask people if they've ever met Shitty Bill, and then DNA stinging them into him. Someone spawned in as Shitty Bill, pointed at me, screamed, and then beat me to death. This entire process took around a minute. When I ahelped about it, Flourish told me "lol that was me", and to "suck it up, everyone else enjoyed the spectacle". They refused to give me an antag token and told me to play on the RP server.
Extra information: I feel like this was an abuse of their admin powers, given that they deliberately spawned in just to kill me. I would like an antag token and an apology for having my antag round ruined.

Flourish, RP, 5/5/20 1:10PM EST Wrote:Admin: Flourish

Server: RP
Date + time: 5/5/20 1:10 PM EST
Synopsis: There was a vampire on station who had already drained and killed two crewmembers. Everyone was on high alert, and being a scientist, I decided to mix up some useful chemicals to ward against the vampire. I went around testing people with holy water and discovered the vampire after they began to crisp and burn. I then splashed some fluorosulfuric acid and cyanide on them, killing them. Shortly after, I was PM'd by Flourish, and told that I had broken the RP rules. When I asked them what rule I had broken, they said "you tell me" and then banned me for a week. 
Extra information: This is my first offense on the RP server (from what I'm aware of), and I feel like Flourish overreacted. I don't feel like I deserved a weekban, and I think Flourish really should've tried talking to me more. 

Flourish, Discord Wrote:Admin: Flourish

During my time on Discord, I've felt personally targeted by Flourish. They may think they're just being funny, but what they say makes me feel very unwelcome. Here are some specific examples of their behavior.

Server: Discord
Date + time: 4/5/20 1:10PM EST
Synopsis: I posted a picture of a cat in #lookin-cute-feelin-cuter. Flourish said "ew" in response.
Extra information: Here's the cat.

Server: Discord
Date + time: 4/20/20 1:10PM EST
Synopsis: I was talking with someone in #imcoder about how to improve my code. Flourish said "lol don't bother your code is gonna suck anyways".

Server: Discord
Date + time: 5/5/20 1:10PM EST
Synopsis: I was arguing with someone in #spaceman-discussion about whether Morty or Dr. Acula is cuter. Flourish said "if you think Dr. Acula is cuter, you can just leave, right now".

I've tried to talk to them about how they make me feel, but they just respond with dumb emojis. I'd like a fellow admin to talk to them about their behavior; I don't think an admin should be making such rude comments to players, even if they think they're being harmless.

Here are a couple examples of improper (less than ideal) admin feedback:

Flourish is a bad admin Wrote:Flourish is a bad admin. I was playing chef and they purposefully gave me the Scottish accent. First of all, if chefs have an accent, they have the Swedish accent, not the Scottish accent. Second of all, no one could understand me, and my round was ruined because the botanists didn't understand that I wanted them to grow me produce.

This one is less than ideal because it doesn't follow the admin feedback format.

Flourish, Main, 5/5/20 1:10 PM EST Wrote:Admin: Flourish

Server: Main
Date + time: 5/5/20 1:10 PM EST
Synopsis: Flourish turned me into maecho maen, 10/10, would recommend.

This one is less than ideal because it's extremely brief and low effort. The player could've communicated their appreciation in OOC, ahelps, or over Discord; being turned into maecho maen is a fun experience but does not warrant an entire feedback thread. Additionally, turning someone into maecho maen does not really say anything about an admin's interpersonal skills or general competency at being an admin.

Admins may not punish players for complaints or use them against a player. However, this stems from the assumption that all feedback will be made in good faith, and so if there is a clear consensus that a player has made a complaint in bad faith, there will be repercussions. You're free to criticize admins' actions and conduct, and you're also free to disagree with our takes, but please don't devolve to personal attacks or break the rules. The point of feedback threads is to for constructive feedback that we can learn and do better from. Please don't make joke threads, as they'll just be deleted, and you'll be temporarily forum banned. 

Thank you for caring. We'll be doing our best to not be jerks!

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