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[Feature] Make the Longrange Teleporter a MechComp component

Allows the use of MechComp to "automate" the recalling from the Longrange Teleporter.
See for a discussion about this.
(And no, that doesn't mean the egg timer should not be implemented)
I dunno how I feel about off station tele traps. Or that this could probably be abused in telescience

Edit - completely disregard what I said, I had a brain shart and thought this was talking about the teleporter, the hand tele one. Absolutely fine suggestion, though I think MechComp is an odd choice, but I don't really use LR teleporter much anyway so what do I know
Yes, I agree, it's an odd choice.

On the other hand, it has some benefits:
  • A Mechanic can build something so people can recall them self by sending a PDA message.
    And they might request that service from a mechanic.
  • I did a code sweep and found some interesting stuff mechcomp can already control. One interesting thing is the unfinished slot machine interaction - which would allow you to automate playing the slot machine. But that's unfinished...
So, while it is somewhat strange, it was an easy patch.
Which adds to the mechcomp capabilities. And might add some extra job for Mechanics to do.

I don't know. It's a bit strange, yes, but not as strange as some other interactions.
I think it might add something useful to the game. And I will go through the different stuff that is out there and see if I can turn more things into mechcomp components.
Great idea, I like this a lot.

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