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Ability to remotely recall the Long-range teleporter by yourself
Add a PDA app available to all scientists or other means that allows them to recall the long-range teleporter without needing assistance from the AI or a crew member

This will further lower the barrier to entry to exploration, and remove a source of unfun - getting stuck somewhere

[Image: dAA676m.png]
There is a porta-a-sci remote PDA app which already serves this purpose admirably.
That works but the pda app is only owned by RD and AI who may not want to share it if they’re using it already. It can only have a single home location after all
I think it would be good to create a physical remote to remotely recall that long range teleporter. as far as an app goes, I second the idea that the existing portasci app already suits than need.
Why is this a problem with long range tele but not telesci?
Because the long range teleporter is tied to the QT in mining (on space maps), as opposed to the science teleporter, and telesci can create 2-way portals (if they aren't worries about draining the APC)
Also, a knowledgeable mechanic can control the telescience teleporter with mechcomp - and therefore remote control of it using a PDA if he goes nuts.
Which is not possible with the long range teleporter.
compromise: add an egg timer to the LRT that recalls after X minutes

don't miss your ride v
I love the egg timer idea.
You should be able to synchronize the clocks, so you know how much time you have left.

Also, a way to use the LRT as mechcomp component would be interesting - two inputs: send, and receive. Location is specified in the signal content.
This would allow a knowledgeable Mechanic to build a small system so people can use PDA messages to recall from the LRT, therefore improving cross-department work.

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