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Sweet Loot
Freaky Frigun: Shooter and target swap minds. Quick recharge. Fast projectiles. Person who gets shot is typically left with the gun in their hand. Tons of yaketey sax and accidental body swapping.
(05-14-2017, 02:01 PM)ErikHanson Wrote: [*]bucket of lava: contains 64 units of lava, hot! Allows the user to cover up to 64 tiles with slippery water
[*]bucket of water: contains 64 units of water, allowing the user to cover up to 64 tiles with slippery water

Hmm, I think I see an issue there butt I can't seem to put my finger on it, butt I really can't seem to put my finger on it...
an actual lute
"sweet" loot - candy crate, also containing rare farty snotts
(05-15-2017, 12:23 AM)misto Wrote: "sweet" loot - candy crate, also containing rare farty snotts
i refuse. farty snotts can have poo in them

in game???????

new loot item: a plastic/rubber joke prank poo. just for pranks! not real...
Quote:You take a bite of the Farty Snott's Every Flavour Bean!

Phoo! That tasted like poo...
a tub of brown play-doh

a tub of plastic explosives disguised as a tub of brown play doh
Fing-longer: a silly pair of gloves that allows you to click far away objects.

I know goon tends to shy away from outright pop culture references, but this just popped into my head.

edit: Perhaps a laser beam like sprite should pop out and hit the object you click on, working like telekinesis but with some constraints since it can only hit objects you can physically touch.

This is probably a stupid idea, but silly objects that provide some benefits but don't really have much other practical use is probably what the Sweet loot crates should offer.
Cloak of Displacement: Your sprite appears offset in a random spot whenever you move. Ha just kidding, it makes you float in the pool.
I love a lot of these ideas and I am going to add a bunch I think
a bb gun that does 1 brute damage per shot and has a 5% chance to ricochet and shoot the firer's eye out
Add the skateboard to the crates, I wanna be able to ascend through skateboarding without admins giving me one.
  • The Captain's Shame: A urine soaked bedsheet. Does nothing
  • Forever Buddy: An action figure that can't be dropped
  • Prisoner's Key: A spoon that can slowly destroy walls
  • Conjurer's Cap: A top hat that can periodically spawn critters by means of pulling them out of the hat
  • Blood Brawl Ball Gown: White dress that adds bonus damage based on how blood soaked it is, reaching it's capacity when the dress is fully red.
  • The Golden Groose: An amusing duck that lays golden ore
  • Boomerang Boots: A shoe that can be used as a weapon similar to the boomerang
  • Swift Walker's Sticker box: Pull stickers out of the box, place them, then use the box to teleport to the sticker locations
yeah! the goose!

and the crane and peacock

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