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How would you respond to the following scenarios?
1a) depends how i'm feeling. either ignore, mug, or kill
1b) same as a
1c) probably do nothing

2a) kill and borg them
2b) kill and borg them
2c) scream traitor over the radio repeatedly and beat them to death and space them

3a) kill and borg them
3b) kill and borg them
3c) gib them

4) in all circumstances i would kill them
(12-07-2017, 12:13 PM)babayetu83 Wrote: 2c) scream traitor over the radio repeatedly and beat them to death and space them

So based on what previous people tend to be posting for this, you realize that there's a decent chance that they're not actually an antag, right? Dropping an emag isn't cause for you to be murdered (and then spaced) by any wandering staff assistant...
well when you attack them generally that's when they pull out the knife and try to kill you with it, outing themselves
1A make a ticket calling the dude a nerd then forget about it in 2 minutes
1B forget about it almost instantly
1C scream and fart.

2A take that traitor gear into better use and throw the bastard in for a small sentence
2B same thing
2C the emag is mine now if possible fart on the lads face

3A take his gear away and put him somewhere he cant escape easily then ask the crew what to do with him
3B get sec on the spot to take care of the job after i take care of his stuff
3C i heard space is extremly comfortable if you got no clothes on

4A i take away his traitor gear and put him in jail for a looong time
4B take away the trator gear and haul his ass to sec for them to take care of him
4C steal saber, fart on face, run
(12-07-2017, 12:59 PM)babayetu83 Wrote: well when you attack them generally that's when they pull out the knife and try to kill you with it, outing themselves

Because normal crewmembers don't do that when attacked
I'm not that good at sec so take this with a grain of salt

SCENARIO 1A: Baton, Take cloaker, Search, Take anything traitory or dumb, Ticket, say ":g Hey watch out for so and so, traitory nerd", Facefart
SCENARIO 1B: Egun, take cloaker for myself, facefart.
SCENARIO 1C: Flash, take cloaker for myself, call nerd, obligatory facefart.

SCENARIO 2A: Tazer, take any traitor things, jail for 2 minutes, if they suicide, airlock, if not just let them go and tell my other sec officers to watch em.
SCENARIO 2B: Egun tazer, take any traitory things, report them to sec.
SCENARIO 2C: Flash, rob them and take traitor things, call them a nerd, hit them with the bat once or twice.

SCENARIO 3A: Take them to sec, take any traitory things, put them on trial and if they can't defend themselves in a funny enough way PERMBEESTATION EXILE
SCENARIO 3B: Egun tazer, take to courtroom, remove any traitor items, invite crew to public execution, egun laser to head
SCENARIO 3C: weld them in a crate, pod, put them on hemera, tell sec they can get the traitor there if they want.

SCENARIO 4A: Handcuff, portabrig, heal dying person with backpack medkit, put them on trial and force them to defend their actions, if they have a funny enough defense take all of their traitory stuff and demote to clown, if not, BEE STATION EXILE
SCENARIO 4B: Egun tazer, egun laser, heal dying guy, take them to robotics.
SCENARIO 4C: flash, bat to death, yell for doctor, drag to robotics.
I guess Scenario 2C needs some clarification: You already know that they are a traitor and are trying to complete their objectives. Don't ask me how you figured that out from seeing them drop an emag. Assume there is some other stuff that clues you into it that I can't be bothered to describe.
SCENARIO 1A: I have never seen a friendly cloaker. Unleash taserstorm and pray to god I hit them. If not the only effective way to get them is to get the AI to bolt them down until I actually can zap them. The rest depends on the results of a search/interrogation.
SCENARIO 1B: God knows. Depends on my mood. may do that same as 1A, may sit there screaming challenges over the radio. Either way I likely get spaced.
SCENARIO 1C: I run away, fail to run away, and get murdered horribly.

SCENARIO 2A: It may be 20 minutes in but if they've murdered someone already they're not getting off scott free. I give murderers the choice between overly-dramatic execution, exile to an adventure zone, or borging.
SCENARIO 2B: Same as 2A
SCENARIO 2C: Grab the emag and yackety sax around, opening whatever the hell I can and emagging the amusing duck asap.

SCENARIO 3A: Loud rampagers get the 2A treatment.
SCENARIO 3C: I mean, its a killgrab. Ill sit there and wait for it to do that killing thing it does.

SCENARIO 4A: Grab saber first, then restun, cuff, and give the 2A treatment.
SCENARIO 4C: If im an assistant I likely have no cuffs. Grab the saber and murder him. Borg afterwards.

2,3, and 4 all involve mass murderers, which have a standard punishment for me. Whats more interesting is what do people do for the lesser crimes?
xA: I don't play security because I don't trust my judgment to live up to the gold standard that I think security should be.

1B: Flash & Run. Let his wrath bubble and grow.
1C: Probably steal cloak and run. 

2B: Roleplay corrupt leadership and try to strike a deal with this guy in exchange for some errands run. Give higher access in exchange for the EMag, because nobody likes vented hallways.
3B: Take the E-Mag, E-Mag everything, Jump into deep fryer.

3B: Beat to death and continue to beat for the next 40 minutes. Insist this is "God's Holy Justice" if questioned. Disembowel and eat all the organs. 
3C: See Above. Assume their identity and have the same beating done to me. 

4B: C-saber the antag, take the corpse in for questioning. in the kitchen. burger. interrogate burger via ouija board. 
4C: Fumble with C-Saber at the worst possible moment, get murdered, spin chairs aggressively.
i'm killing them in every scenario, no hesitation
Real talk: I lied. Let me redo:
1A1B1C: Grab cloak, fart on he, laugh and leave. Mine, sukka! I'll just stuff this into my... oh... ohhh. Fuck! Why can't nude people have pocket!? Discrimination! I call Discrimination! Ah well, I'll just toss it anywhere.

2A2B2C: I take the stuff. Always want stuff, Acquisition dulls the pain.

3A3B3C: Meet them on their own field. As stimmed, boosted and drunked as a naked man can be,  Too bad you wont see it. it'll be an epic fight to my death. If not, more sweet loot to be had! Aw yeeh.

Maybe I'm terrible at security but I would rather have a fun story and play around then doing the same rinse-repeat sec routines. I WON'T powergame or effortlessly hellchem. Maybe I'll die but gotta do something different. It is always either "there is no security wahhh rampager security sucks" , "security arresting me for breaking into security wahhhh security sucks" "security killing me for helping an antag escape even though im a non-antag wahhhh security sucks".

1A: Fire all tasers Handcuff and ask him where he got it. Check his pda, fingerprints of cloak, inside backpacks boxes. Take his Cloak watch other people in his department.

SCENARIO 1B: Captain is above dealing with simpleton thugs. No security around? Take his PDA / Shoes / Cloak. Send him on his way. If he breaks free from cuffs while that is going on Borg him

SCENARIO 1C: Flash him, steal the cloak, beat him with the bat to make him a little slower than me, run away and bring a pod to the radio station, remove the engine and pod oxygen. Announce I'm leaving a free cloaker at the radio station then hide in plain sight using the cloak as the traitor comes to the radio station in another pod. Steal his pod and leave them on the radio station to their fate.

SCENARIO 2A: A fun traitor doing their objectives? They should have implants to break out of handcuffs at this point in the round or a false wall in the security bathroom or at least a mind slave. Ask HOS and captain what to do with the antag, if those are not around talk to them and check inventory, bloods probly on them borg.

SCENARIO 2B: Captain needs more obedient robots. Suspected traitor is far cheaper then ordering a brand-new cyborg! Let the crew vote on what to do with the traitor but ignore whatever they agree on and use captains discretion to kill and borg. Remind the crew they do not matter after the vote and that democracy is forbidden.

SCENARIO 2C: This emag is mine now. Forever. Spend the next 60 minutes of the round making / denying that I took it and then using the Emag on the Amusing Ducks and/or buttbots.
SCENARIO 3A: At 30min and football rampage they could have made a mess of the station by then. Borg.

SCENARIO 3B: Captain needs more obedient cyborgs! Let the crew vote on what to do with the traitor but ignore whatever they agree on and use captains discretion to kill and borg. Remind the crew they do not matter after the vote and that democracy is forbidden. Dress the new robot with his traitor football gear and give the cyborg the exact same name, now they can terrify the crew still without hurting anyone.

SCENARIO 3C: I throw him into every vending machine until I mess up or he escapes / no vending machines around? I suplex him until we both die, he dies, I mess up someone stops me.

SCENARIO 4A: A CSABER! Kill them! Borg them! Put their head a spike!
SCENARIO 4B: CSABER! Fire all lasers until they stop moving. Borg them. Head on spike!
SCENARIO 4C: Kill the traitor and stick them in a locker or somewhere hidden. Do not report over the radio other than needing a medic, drag the hurt guy quickly to med bay or down the hallway. Go back to steal the traitor’s items, do not report this over the radio. Assume the traitors identity and befriend other traitors. Work with them and then stab them in the back at the earliest and best opportunity. Escape on the shuttle still using his identity after saving the station from the other traitors with the traitors head on a spike standing beside him using his name. If captured by sec before this all happens tell the truth and when they inevitability do not believe me take the punishment.
1A: Try to follow the cloaker and see if they commit any crimes
1B: fire my taser gun wildly, yell “CRIME!” and other vague shit over the radio and generally act like an overpromoted manchild.
1C: robust him and take his stuff

2A: confiscate the syndicate gear and brig the traitor for a while
2B: harmbaton!
2C: grab the emag, run around unlocking every door on the station and pissing off all the departments

3A: Kill him
3B: strip him naked and throw him out the airlock
3C: Turn him into burgers

4A, B, and C: handcuff him, strip him, and throw him in the crusher.  Alternatively throw him into the monkey pen wearing nothing but an electro pack and weld the door shut.

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