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Antag Weighting Feedback
(06-19-2017, 04:38 AM)Sov Wrote: Suggestion, the weighting system uses a rolling 30 day window. This would help with veterans getting abysmally low chances while also avoiding having to re-prime the system from something like a monthly clean slate

The system would need to also take into account how much of the past month you've actually as well, otherwise new people would still have an advantage

A problem I forsee though is antag fishing

It could also, instead of being based on the number of times you've played as "such" antag, be based on the percentage of rounds you've played as that antag.

For instance, if you want player to ideally have 2% of their rounds as a wraith (Taking into account ideally set % of rounds played as an antag, and % of antag rounds played as a wraith, I'm taking that number out of my ass obviously)

Let's say you've played for a long time and managed to have 30 rounds as a wraith, but that amount to 1% of your rounds.
You'd still have more chance to play as a wraith compared to a guy that only played once as a wraith, but has played only one round.
That other guy had 100% of his rounds playing as a wraith, and an incredibly small weight for this selection (Not taking into account the 10% chance to ignore those of course.).

Edit : Meant 2% instead of 1% in the example, fixed
That's a good idea! It will require a small refactor in terms of what player data I'm tracking (essentially I'll need more data) but very do-able.

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