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Antag Weighting Feedback
Hello! Give yo feedback for the recent antag weighting feature here.

Summary of the feature:
  • When the game selects antagonists for a new round, instead of being completely random chance, it will be based on how many previous plays as that antag type you have had before. This allows people with lower selections to play something they haven't been lucky enough to get before.
  • Caveat: The system needs data to function as expected, so you probably won't notice any change for the first little while (days or weeks, unsure).
  • Also, there remains a low chance (10%) to ignore weighting for an antag pick and just select any old shmuck.
Feature intentions:
  • The idea is to limit the "I never get picked for X!!" complaints, which I feel are valid given a reasonable chunk of the "fun" derived from this game is in playing as an antag. It can also be a little disheartening to just never get picked ever.
  • The end goal is just to make things a bit fairer for everyone.
Known issues:
  • Brand new players get overwhelming priority for selection (given they have an assumed history of "never played X"). This can be fixed with a byond account age check or a "we ever seen this dude on goonstation?" check, but will require a sizable code refactor given the godawful mess that is the gamemode setup code. - Partially solved with a requirement that players participate in 5 rounds before being considered for weighting.
  • Over longer periods of time, highly active players will accumulate so many antag selections that they will have far too slim chances at getting picked again (unless everyone else currently on the server has a similar amount of selections). This can be solved by recording the "last selected" timestamp and adjusting the weighting in their favor if it's an appropriately long time since they were last selected. - Solved with the whole percentage target refactor thing.
(06-09-2017, 12:17 PM)Arborinus Wrote:
(06-09-2017, 09:08 AM)Wire Wrote: I considered a probability system for antag roles based on the player's history of antag selection, granting a higher weight for future selection the longer it's been since any selection at all.


How would this affect late-joining antags? They occur even if you have all antags turned off in preferences (pls fix). Seeing how that by itself would cause a long break between selections it would select you for late join a lot.

I guess I'll repost my question here.
Ah I forgot to mention, late-join antags are currently unaffected by this system until I get around to coding it :v.

In general, all other things equal, the game seems to HUGELY prioritize traitors for antags, followed by changelings and nuclear operatives. Wizards are next, and then FAR more rarely, vampires and wraiths.
Do note: This system does nothing to affect what game type the round will be! It only changes who gets picked on round start.
big step in the right direction, this is awesome
Ohh, heck yes. Less instances of people going weeks without tator the better.
I'm someone who tends to keep most antags set to off unless I really want to be an antag. Will this make me more likely to roll an antag after a long stretch of protagging?
this is a neat idea.
I love this idea.
Suggestion, the weighting system uses a rolling 30 day window. This would help with veterans getting abysmally low chances while also avoiding having to re-prime the system from something like a monthly clean slate

The system would need to also take into account how much of the past month you've actually played as well, otherwise new people would still have an advantage

A problem I forsee though is antag fishing
(06-19-2017, 04:38 AM)Sov Wrote: Suggestion, the weighting system uses a rolling 30 day window. This would help with veterans getting abysmally low chances while also avoiding having to re-prime the system from something like a monthly clean slate

This please. It would rid me of my only worry with this change and that being after awhile some people won't get chosen for any antag roll at all cause they may have been it more than others. Seems like a fair way to balance it out and still stay true to the idea of this change.
Is it based on number of rounds since last antag pick or amount of time since last antag pick? If someone only plays 5-6 rounds a week, they might get highly rated for most antags simply because they don't play often enough to get them with any sort of frequency.
Maybe disable it for ass day, wouldn't want to miss out on being traitor for playing a lot beforehand, and also wouldn't want to waste antag rolls on an event that revolves around grief.
as a vet (lol) i'd like to see that 10% chance upped to like, 30 or 40 or else I'm going to play knowing "alright well i'm prob not gonna roll antag until the next trump scandal"

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