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Atomicthumbs locked me in a shame cube for half an hour to ask what cuck meant.
Alright, I know this is peanut posting, but this is relevant to the discussion.
'cuck' roughly translates to 'i am a dipshit turd person and for some insane reason have decided to announce that fact to anyone unlucky enough to see what i am attempting to communicate' and honestly shamecubing is pretty light for it, i would have probably either cluwned you or straight up gibbed you for it

4chans get out
This could've been handled better with a simple "don't be a twat, please" rather than some advanced shaming procedure, in my opinion. Different servers use different language and I don't think any of us should be surprised someone doesn't know this initially.

That includes this complaint thread itself.
i will defend my right to shit on memesayers unto my dying day
In my defense, I was completely unable to find the "unshamecube" verb because it wasn't in the same place as the button I pushed to shamecube you. I will apologize for that.
i love a good meme

however cuck is just annoying and something aggravating 13 year olds scream at each other like fagnigger

i'd have popped your legs off and told you to knock it off but that'd be about it
Hey I checked your notes and

Quote:[lljk us 2] 2 days, 18 hours ago: Someone repaired the paint machine and started painting the station black, prompting "LET THE RACE WAR BEGIN NOWWWWWWW!!!!" and "We be white supremacy bee station now." Warned about dumb edgy humor.

Mind explaining this

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