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Fixed Mentor Application: elan_oots [Ella Oats]
I redid my application, now with Enough Words™

Usual Character Name: Ella Oats
BYOND Username: elan_oots
Recommended by (if applicable): BurritoJustice
Times Available: Late night EST

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):
I've been playing SS13 since early August 2016. For the first several weeks, I was constantly frustrated by the controls and how confusing the game was, but I could see that there was fun there, and pushed through learning how to play. I want to help players learn the basics (and the more advanced stuff) so that everyone can enjoy themselves more!

In SS13 terms I'm pretty new, however I can perform pretty well in any role other than security. When I first started playing seriously, I usually worked in the medical department, so I'm familiar with surgery, general doctoring, genetics, and I know the basics of pathology. I love doing engineering, where I can usually get the engine stable, and I've started delving deeper into mechanics as of the last month or so. As QM I'm pretty good at playing the shipping and stock markets alike to make the station money, and as a miner, I know how to mine stuff. I'm good with growing, splicing, mutating, and modifying plants in botany, and I know how to look at the foods and drinks page on the wiki as a chef or bartender.

The department I'm by far the best in is research. I usually play RD on Destiny and LLJK2 alike, and I'm good at making the more advanced medical chemicals for the doctors in chemistry, I know how to run telesci, and in toxins I know how to make all the large bombs quickly while keeping the room in a pretty organized state.

Especially with research, I have a lot of fun teaching people how to do strange and cool things they didn't know about is one of the greatest joys this game gives me. I'd love to be able to answer mentorhelps and spread the joy of playing SS13 with more people, and I have the knowledge to answer lots of questions that may come up.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I have a ban on yogstation from one of the very first times I played the game. I don't remember what I did, but I haven't gotten any bans on GoonStation, and I don't plan on getting any.
I've seen you a couple of times on lljk2, you seem to know a lot of science stuff. Yes from me
Whenever I've come across you in a specific department you display an almost terrifyingly extensive knowledge of that department. I say YES, I think you should get the purple.
I mostly see what you do in destiny as i don't usually play on LLJK 2, but you do have a knowledge of how to plasma and open the gates of hell, one of things i still have not figured out along with not turning the engine room into a burn chamber. And you are generally a nice person and you like to teach people so this is a yes from me.
I've seen Ella around recently and was very impressed, a definite yes from me.
you are one hell of a toxins scientist, its a yes from me
Sounds good to me.
Seems like a good idea
Yep. You know your stuff and I haven't heard anything bad about ye.
Yes. Knows how to play and pretty helpful with it. Worryingly explosive at times, but we can deal with that.
Yes. She knows her stuff
It's Ms. MeltEveryRoomThatDoesn'tGetVented!
It's a yes. Purple this person.
Ella is very approachable, and from what I've seen, always willing to help. Yes.
A yes from me.

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