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Critical Werewolf/Vampire auto perform selected intent on targets
Drain or feed on somebody and you will automatically perform your selected intent on them for some dumb reason. As a werewolf, this is gamebreaking as it takes you out of feed because it interrupts you. As a vampire, anything that isn't help will cease your feeding.
I noticed this when playing as a vampire. It might have something to do with the click buffer?
The bug is simple enough to describe: when a vampire is draining blood or enthralling a victim (but seemingly not hypnotizing), they will occasionally use their current intent on the target. Interrupted feeding is annoying but trivial, as you can just restart immediately, but 3 times in the last round that I was a vampire, I tried to enthrall people (one of which was the AI), and all three times a punch, grab, or friendly pat on the chassis would interrupt the ability, wasting 400 blood and putting it on a lengthy cooldown.
This is a known issue
mbc prob fixd

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