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Who were the most robust fighters that played on goon?
(12-03-2016, 06:24 AM)babayetu83 Wrote: no love for me or jay wolff huh

oar is ez

just use his tactics against him and you'll have an easy time hiding in bushes and tasing people

also protip if you down someone you can grab and throw, you don't have to reinforce your grip.

also anecdotal story

one time derhv was mindslaved and was rampaging around. i successfully disguised myself as his master to get near him and stun and murder him.

Jay is like Samson from the bible, destroy his hair and his powers disappear. Sadly while you don't absorb his powers by wearing his hair you do get the satisfaction of making Jay Wolff a baldy.
Luis Smith
(12-03-2016, 06:24 AM)babayetu83 Wrote: oar is ez

this isn't a thread to say how cool you are and to try to disprove other people's feelings, you weird ego beast

I think the one player that terrified me the most was ... uh... I suck with names so I'll just say Xavieri can consistently murder me in my face
I once saw a pretty awesome fight in the AI core between Geoff Goldman and Bone Lord, both fairly robust guys. Geoff pulled a sneaky maneuver to win- he hid inside the locker Bone was using to block the turret fire and burst out and hit him with a taser.
Yeah I always have a fun time fighting Geoff, he doesn't go down easy.
i only encountered lorde doome a couple of times, but he always struck rapidly with no remorse and no hesitation
There were many good ones, I forget most of the good ones from the past..

Red Archibald was extremely robust
Robert Robust was the most robust player I met, only saw him once
I Am A Crooke was real robust
Scott Graves was a robuste
Spetsnaz Spiff was a very robust shooter
Oar Dehrv is robust

and many others, again, I forget most of the good players.
Oar Dehrv is nuts as a wizard. I was once a HoS with a full security team and he cluwned them and pretty much the whole station as I failed to stop him. Our last Battle was in Chemistry and when he defeated me he choose not to kill me or even cluwne me. He took my beret and left the station, leaving me alone with the sound of my failure. The sounds of a station filled with screaming cluwnes.
"I'm Oar Dehrv" - Oar Dehrv
I'd probably say Jay Wolff, Sundance Feely, and Oar Derv.

All really robust folks and hard to pin down during a fight.
Jay Wolff.

I Am Occasionally a Half Decent Shot and am Sure Have Still Never Hit him. This has Lead me to Flee from anyone with his hair While in Combat.

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