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Official Clarion FIX THIS SHIT Thread
The gas sensor in the Engineering Combustion Chamber is hooked into the wrong side of the powernet (generator side of the SMESs) and cannot be accessed by gptio without rewiring.
The Pharmacy has fake drains that can be pulled around. The Medbay surgery tables need a drain beneath them to avoid the surgery room and robotics flooding with blood.
Clarion has a ghost drone factory! That's great!

Clarion has no ghost drone rechargers! Oh fuck!

As funny as it is to have to discard your corporeal form and possess a new shell when your power's low like you're making some kind of commentary on planned obsolescence, it'd be nicer if a couple chargers could be mapped into maintenance. Empty chargers on the ghost drone factory can't be used the moment a newly manufactured ghost drone occupies them even if you drag 'em out.
Can you scan them and make new ones in the fabricators? Granted, drones don't ordinarily have access to the mechanics lab, but that is (mostly) trivial to work around.
(07-20-2018, 08:58 AM)Technature Wrote: Also the Chaplain's incinerator is broken.  Anyone who tries to use it gets a message saying they have no access (including the captain), except for the AI who just clicks on it going "God damn it I just wanna kill this obvious changeling what the fuck?" with nothing explaining what's wrong.

This is still a problem.
There are somehow STILL no ghost drone rechargers on Clarion.
Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but I just had a Roboticist round and found there were no nearby Tech Vendors. Which means no proximity sensors.
Since you need those to make robots, it makes your job a bit difficult. The roboticists do get Tech Storage access, but on every other map you just start with a vendor for them,
plus a few already there on the table.
A minor nitpick but Clarion's Pathology lab has only 4 initial pathogen samples, which means that you'll almost certainly need to synthesize around 5 or so more samples in order to find every unique t1 sequence. Heaven forbid that you accidentally lose one of the samples.

Tl;dr add a few more pathogen samples to Pathology

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