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Disable blob for lowpop
True, and I probably would have been killed if there were more people to have A. Seen me and B. Make something actually effective to fight me with.

Low Pop Blob is too easy for the Blob, and an instant shuttle for the crew, since 6-4 people will only involve about 2-3 people trying to fight. And at that low you probably won't even have a helping hand from the AI.

Atleast make it 1 for less than 11 players readied up.
There was a lowpop blob round with 2 blobs, 1 AI and absolutely no human players. This is getting ridiculous.
I thought it got changed at one point.

It's been many months, but I've rolled blob while being the only person on the server more than once. The humorous thing being that I was apparently two blobs in one.
While were here can we make it so blobs can't spawn in within 5 tiles of a player controlled mob too, regardless of line of sight.

It's really devastating in a 12 person round to lose an important one completely uncontrollably.

And also just because in general, having a blob drop in less than 2 tiles away from me just because I was standing next to a wall and couldn't see directly around the corner 3 minutes into the round and being instantly destroyed with absolutely no way to fight back or avoid that whatsoever and subsequently causing the blob to snowball with its new EVO points is just a notch below the horribleness that used to be blobs on the arrival shuttle.
I keep forgetting to deal with this. (As does every other coder apparently)

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