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The 25th of June - Application Forum Cleared
Congrats to our new mentors, Gerhazo and Adhara in Space, and our new HoS, Doctor Zaius! Boogiebot
Congratulations to new mentors: Vitatroll, MrMagolor, QwertyQuerty, Party-Cactus, Salami_Sam, Bloodhog & Maveral! Also, congrats to new HoS Schwicky_Schwag!

Other applications left open to allow more time for opinions.
Congrats to our new mentors, Tribaja, TheCannonMan, and Roomba Rhumba!  space bear
Congrats to our new mentors, Kirinith, Haprenti, and MeWaka! spider
Congrats to our new mentor, McFiggy!  Jones the cat
Congrats to our new mentors, Cicadalek, Tewf, and Podrick Equus!  bee
Congrats to our new Heads of Security, Vextrom1, WhataTerribleUserName, and TheMaskedMan2, and our new mentor Chrisb340! jons the catte

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