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The 23rd of June - Application Forum Cleared
Congrats to our new mentors!

You can find the mentor IRC channel at #ss13mentors on  You'll need to link your IRC nick to your BYOND username via the in-game command "Link IRC" under the "Special Commands" tab.
If you have troubles joining, visit #goonstation and ask for help!
Congratulations to our new mentors NateTheSquid, Torack77, Arborinus!

Also congrats to our new head of security Quiltyquilty!

I dunno how this topic business is supposed to be dealt with so I just edited this existing one, also I'm gonna give the other two applications some time to ripen.
Congratulations to our new Head of Security: Firebarrage!
Congratulations to our new mentors: Protowizard and Elan_oots!
Congratulations to our new mentors: YoukCat, Ferriswheel, Sovexe and Tom Clancy's Gay Ghost/The Worst!
Congratulations to our new mentors: Superlagg and Lord Birb! bee
Congratulations to our new mentors: Brojob, ChronicPwnage, and Drago156! Morty
Congratulations to our new mentors: Kremlins and EristheSlackWyrm! Jones the cat
Congratulations to our new HoS: InternetDweller! space goose
Congrats to our new HoS: GinAndJazz! jons the catte
Congrats to our new mentors: Frank Stein, InternetDweller, and Schwicky_Schwag! space bear
Congrats to our new mentor: Recusor! a fancy greater domestic space-bee
Hey! Congrats to new HoS' Avack and Flaborized!

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