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The 10th of October - Application Forum Updated
Congrats to our new mentors and heads of security! queen greater domestic space-bee 

You can find the Goonstation Discord here. Ask an active admin to give you the cool purple role so you can access the mentor channel!

You can find our mentor guidelines here.
Congratulations to our new mentors NateTheSquid, Torack77, Arborinus!

Also congrats to our new head of security Quiltyquilty!

I dunno how this topic business is supposed to be dealt with so I just edited this existing one, also I'm gonna give the other two applications some time to ripen.
Congratulations to our new Head of Security: Firebarrage!
Congratulations to our new mentors: Protowizard and Elan_oots!
Congratulations to our new mentors: YoukCat, Ferriswheel, Sovexe and Tom Clancy's Gay Ghost/The Worst!
Congratulations to our new mentors: Superlagg and Lord Birb! bee
Congratulations to our new mentors: Brojob, ChronicPwnage, and Drago156! Morty
Congratulations to our new mentors: Kremlins and EristheSlackWyrm! Jones the cat
Congratulations to our new HoS: InternetDweller! space goose
Congrats to our new HoS: GinAndJazz! jons the catte
Congrats to our new mentors: Frank Stein, InternetDweller, and Schwicky_Schwag! space bear
Congrats to our new mentor: Recusor! a fancy greater domestic space-bee
Hey! Congrats to new HoS' Avack and Flaborized!
Congrats to our new mentors: CandleCandleCandles, Triacontakai, and SimianC! B-33
Congrats to new mentor Flaborized!

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