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General Suggestions Thread! V2.0
Easier ways to kill borgs.

Also give Shambling Abominations the ability to punch through walls.

Also a neat item for the bartender would be like a juicer or a milk-shake maker. Basically what I'd want to do is turn any food item into a drink.
More stupid crates for a traitor QM to order! Dodgeball crates! (Think the bowling suit, but anyone can pick up a ball.) Basketball crates! Poo crates! (This will never happen.)
Willfrey Wrote:Easier ways to kill borgs.

Also give Shambling Abominations the ability to punch through walls.

Also a neat item for the bartender would be like a juicer or a milk-shake maker. Basically what I'd want to do is turn any food item into a drink.

fried fried lightly fried bacon cake cake smoothie.
Give me a cloak and an Esword eerytime I play.
I think the lab monkeys should have some of that hilarious NPC assistant code adapted to them. They're too docile and boring! With some NPC code, I think it wouldn't be too hard to make them scream and bite and run around when harmed.

Also I'd love to see some Curious Monkey behaviors added, so they'll pick stuff up, throw objects, and fuck with buttons and switches. Just toggle anything next to them that can be toggled, like lights, mass drivers, valves, basic switches. Oh great, a curious monkey got into engineering! Everything is ruined!

I think there'd be a lot of comedy potential there.
Implement a way to transfer items into a dispenser's inventory. Have the botanists transfer produce directly into the chef's FoodTech instead of having to leave huge piles of items everywhere.
Bullets are kinda boring! They could be better!
Idea: have bullets create an 'implant' on hit. This implanted bullet would cause slow but steady bleeding and damage. Doctors could dig these out with a scalpel, using the same mechanism that already exists for removing implants.
I had a few ideas I thought would be fun:

1) I posted about this in SA's forums, but I think this is a better place for it. Have chemical reactions happen inside people too. I understand this may be problematic, but maybe this could be triggered by a new chemical, so med bay won't blow up because the doctor didn't think how the medicines he used would interact. Then again, maybe having this happen would make the doctor profession more challenging.

2)Make extinguishers actually spit out what they are filled with when used normally. For some reason, extinguishers filled with, say, cheese, will spit it out only if you use the command to use it all up around yourself.

3)I think a nice item (or maybe traitor item) would be some kind of chemical hidden patch. Basically, this would be like a normal patch, you could fill with any chemical you wanted. Then, you could use it on an item, like, say, a toolbox, to hide it in the target. Done so, the next person to interact with that item (including just picking it up) would receive the full effect of the chemical. Detective work could detect and remove the patch.

4)I would like to see the grenades get back as a legitimate item in some way. They can actually be very useful in emergencies, doing stuff like patching holes in the hull, or containing fires, aor helping people quickly in a room without air. Maybe they could be made by the electrician (by scanning one of the ready made grenades) or gotten through tele-science, so it would take some work and collaboration to actually make them.

5)Chemistry has a chemical dispenser that is really quite handy. Maybe the chef could get something like that for his kitchen, but with milk, chocolate, vanilla and other foodstuffs. Maybe a few of the flavors have to be put in too. So, for example, to get ketchup, you need to load up the machine with tomatoes, and so on.

6)Electrician is a pretty cool profession, but I feel that it has not enough room for experimentation. Maybe I just haven't found it, but it would be nice if they could, for example,make better or worse quality tools. So, for example, a well made T-Ray would have a wider area, while well made stun baton would use up less charge by strike.

7)How about "Mad Scientist" as an antagonist type? Mad scientists would start in a science related job (like scientist, roboticist, medic, engineer, electrician, etc. However, he would be able to create projects that are obviously harmful to the station, like turning someone into a changeling, creating a murderbot, teleporting the station into the void, creating a mobile crusher unit, making the new fission reactor get to critical mass, etc. Of course, these would also be his objectives.

The point here is to allow people to do science that is obviously harmful, and thus usually outside the scope of the game. I've seen it frequently pointed out that this or that item is too dangerous to be made by chemistry, or electronics, or whatever. Instead, the item, if at all kept, is relegated to the traitor's PDA. Which is nice, but there is something cool about being challenged to actually find how to make these, I think.

8)Limbo Bar. Just a bar where ghosts can hang out and share some beers while waiting for the next round.
Zorocaster Wrote:8)Limbo Bar. Just a bar where ghosts can hang out and share some beers while waiting for the next round.

A Limbo Bar, where there is a limbo pole you can bend under to see who can go the lowest. All the people watching can chant "How low can you go" repeatedly.
Pff. If you haven't limbo'd back and forth under the engine emitter beams as it's starting up, you ain't pro.
Make mad scientist a traitor item.

Maybe a mad science hat, that expodentially grows stronger the more "mad science" a scientist accomplishes.

Mad science is defined as taking science things and doing horrible things with them.

I'm not really sure what that would entail though.

Maybe creating that void thing that eats the floor.
The detective's scanner can get blood types from samples, but as far as I can tell the detective has no way to follow up on that, even if he got to the medical computer on the bridge he doesn't have access. Adding the Medical Records function to his PDA would help.
Please allow us to put hats on George with varying effects. Additionally, please have a dog-sized lobster costume somewhere in the game.
Idea, give detective a dna scanner, a device that accepts blood, then searches through all the medical records to discover who the blood belongs to.
Boy I sure do wish there was an entire forum devoted to suggestions so I didn't have to trawl through one long thread full of terrible ideas to find good ones!!

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