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General Suggestions Thread! V2.0
This is a thread where you can post all your small suggestions that doesn't deserve/need/require its own thread. and to prevent cluttering up the forums with small "add X so i can do Y" suggestions

i guess ill start out.

Please give us the ability to wear a fucking bucket on the head!

Gangsta clothes for when you really need someone gone

A doghouse for George to live in, i mean it must be kinda cold to sleep in the hallways!

More things to explore in space, Hemera gets kinda boring after you've spent a lifetime in there.

Give George a friend, for those days where nobody wants to play with him
At least two (2) more Medical Belts for Medbay, since Paramedic is the best way to play Medical Doctor and there aren't enough belts to go around.

Also let us carry beakers in the belts i mean seriously why isn't that a thing
A less shit Botany layout.
peeps should start of with some petty cash in their pockets

a robot who bullies people

some kind of toy gun so can run around shooting foam at people

make the botany chem extractor not kill your soul to use for more then one thing

shitty hobo weapons that might explode in your face, also make stungloves sometimes melt

also jury-rigging an airpump to steal all of someones blood should be a thing
Clownhorn+segway = rideable duck
A ladle that removes 10+ units from the Bathtub at a time.

Mutant oranges that produce blood.

Something interesting if you put the Obsidian Crown on a Guardbuddy get in not go out

A second Plant Gene Manipulator in Botany so that, in those rare cases that there are two active botanists, one can work on growing every color of weed while the other one works on chili peppers or eternal melons or synthbrains or some shit.

One fake moustache and one monocle spawning in the Bartender's possession at the start of the game to go with his top hat and tails.

An actual Tubthumper drink from mixing a whiskey, vodka, lager (space beer), and cider.

A custom suicide emote for the sacrificial dagger, perhaps "X plunges the dagger into his chest, carves out his heart, and raises it into the air before collapsing."
Metal + wire + battery = electromagnet
as for what it does, stuns robots and sticks to walls or something.
More drinks for the barman to mix.

edit: more mutations from genetics.

Reworked pathology
Make Kudzu more dangerous. Have fully grown kudzu randomly spawn maneatters or killer tomatoes for protection.

Ability to tame a rockworm by feeding it the correct ore / gem. It will just follow you around.

Clownanas. The peels honk when stepped on and stab out eyes when thrown.

Spatial Tear should act like a straight line singularity and pull in everything around or under it.

More danger.
Fabric should be obtainable some other way then just stealing bedsheets, like space cotton, or ordering fabric spools from QM.

It should be possible to do other things with fabric, like making a rope, or least (this will probably never happen, but it would give bedsheets a dangerous use) likely to happen but using fabric on a glass bottle filled with alcohol to make a moloktov cocktail.
New traitor electrician item: fake disposal chute that gibs anyone you throw in. Or make it possible to emag disposal chutes to do the same thing.
Add more suits to the owlery, make grass more spreadable,and let tree's shrubs bushes and stuff grow on grass, only way vegetation can grow is if the grass is connected to the main hub of the owlery with the sparkling magic water.
New bartender traitor item, irresistible beer! Causes everyone around it/ or holding it to drink from it each "tick." Drinking from it doesn't remove liquid from the container but pouring it into stuff does(so you can fill it with fun stuff).
Reagent extractor in bar

"Katana" joke item that make you automatically suicide when you pick it up (great for new players)


A livestock pen so that geneticists can make frankenmeat while they wait for players to die (plus the ability to turn people into cows before you eat them)

A set of golf clubs in medical.

Toilets (for giving assistants swirlies/escaping from brig/toilet moonshining)

The ability to fabricate clothes (give botany something to do, make fake sec uniforms, etc)

To counter that, give sec officers badges (with engraved names) that can only be made by the Hop and HoS

Additional holy books for the chaplain, including an atheist book that gives anyone it hits space autism.
More recipies

More Drinks and cocktails

More reasons to eat and drink without making it a fucking chore.

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