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Gannets' Sprite Zone
I vote the Barman should keep the old armor sprite. For old time's sake or because he's a collector or something.
I drew some in-hands for the existing guns, as well as some two handed generic gun in-hand sprites for something.

[Image: Wklswuh.png] [Image: CPUzkbF.png]
(03-08-2017, 02:22 PM)Gannets Wrote: I made shorts + dress variants of all the rank jumpsuits for a thing.
The general shape of the dress is taken from a sprite I think Haine made.

[Image: cnkhsp][Image: vedwbu]

DMI Files

Brought this thread back cause I'm wondering if these were included in the human resprite and if they will ever be made obtainable ingame. I want roboticist dress.
I honestly don't remember. Don't think I saw them?
Okay that bartender dress is super cute
They weren't resprited for human-resprite as they're not actually in the game in any capacity, and human resprite only updated existing, used in-game sprites. Heads of staff have skirts that I updated though, and I can't honestly imagine making more being that difficult, probably a bit tedious and perhaps annoying to implement well but unlikely to be extremely difficult.
I talked about it briefly in discord and Dimwhat suggested an option in the character creation menu for spawning with a skirt instead of a jumpsuit if one has been sprited for that particular jumpsuit, if someone were to create a system like that I would love to contribute some sprites to it.

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