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Gannets' Sprite Zone - Gannets - 11-23-2014

Apparently I do sprites now, so I should probably have a place to compile them!

UrsulaMajor suggested these things and I sprited them:

[Image: tc50oDy.png]
[Image: W6QxPpB.gif]

Paper Masks
[Image: iNffhjx.png]
[Image: UtXhkV1.png]
[Image: U76Dr25.gif]
Both of these are in the game!

HipBEE suggested this:

Skull Challice
[Image: 7vgqjNf.png]

Re: Gannets' Sprite Zone - Gannets - 12-15-2014

Urs requested some bucket hats.

[Image: AbA09TP.png]
[Image: l4j1K9j.png]

And here are some work in progress radio studio sprites.

[Image: 7Js5MRA.png]

Re: Gannets' Sprite Zone - Gannets - 01-13-2015

I finished these a while back, but never posted 'em.

[Image: LimhAzM.gif]

[Image: 65e5ucf.png]

I'm not 100% this is how machine sprites work, but there you have it!

Re: Gannets' Sprite Zone - Gannets - 01-23-2015

I made some formal uniforms for the heads, they have a thread of their own, but they also get a place in my sprite stash.

[Image: ZcPXFEO.gif]


[Image: apeVXWo.png]

Head of Personnel
[Image: 50qK2FR.png]

Head of Security
[Image: Zo3LQSj.png]

Chief Engineer
[Image: GEuf3pY.png]

Medical Director
[Image: NvO94Bo.png]

Research Director
[Image: 1EKEDP0.png]


[Image: rtj6lMq.png]

Other staff
[Image: SrGeHHk.png]

Re: Gannets' Sprite Zone - Winklabom - 02-06-2015

Could you possibly make a goofy "formal" uniform for the clown?

Like some over the top orchestra maestro thing coloured in red with yellow polka dots.

Re: Gannets' Sprite Zone - Gannets - 02-23-2015

I couldn't come up with anything particularly silly, so here's a straight up ringmasters uniform.
I'll have to come back and do more silly clown clothes sometime!

[Image: P35Xuqc.png]

[Image: yidIOEu.png]

New forensic scanner based on Sundance's suggestions.

[Image: aEfJXS4.gif]

[Image: 9yJEFW1.png]

And here's my spacemas decorations from way back when 'cause they weren't in here for some reason.

[Image: 46GY1yi.png] [Image: G248i7G.png] [Image: 58gjcuf.png] [Image: nRl4r1y.png] [Image: JGpiCT6.png]

Re: Gannets' Sprite Zone - Gannets - 03-26-2015

Haine wanted some organs. Here are some organs!

[Image: Ky6O8di.png]
In order: Liver, kidney, intestines, stomach, spleen, appendix, pancreas, bladder, spine.

Re: Gannets' Sprite Zone - Gannets - 04-03-2015

More sprites for haine.

Flowery grass
[Image: p9w45eb.png]

Shuttle chairs
[Image: TqWLndM.gif]

[Image: YoWomWL.png]

Re: Gannets' Sprite Zone - Gannets - 04-04-2015

And now for something entirely self-indulgent.

[Image: ewNOtmQ.gif]

[Image: 8cKDeY0.png]

Re: Gannets' Sprite Zone - quiltyquilty - 04-05-2015

good job on shuttle chairs! i would give feedback but they're already in so it's too late :P

Re: Gannets' Sprite Zone - 69andahalf - 04-05-2015

quiltyquilty Wrote:good job on shuttle chairs! i would give feedback but they're already in so it's too late :P

Wouldn't say it's too late. I find the metal part on the bottom to contrast too much with the rest of the chair, the arm rests are outlined light gray, while the base is outlined dark gray. I also found that it's a bit strange having the legs connected all around, I don't know if it's what you intended but it seems like the base is a square (nothing wrong with that though). The blue of the chair also seems to be just a bit too dark and really clashes with the shuttle floor I find, but it could just take some getting used to. Overall though the chair is really good.

Re: Gannets' Sprite Zone - Gannets - 04-06-2015

It's certainly never too late, I've always been under the impression that i'd have to go back and fix things as I improved. Thanks for the feedback!

Re: Gannets' Sprite Zone - Haine - 04-06-2015

yeah we can certainly change them up still if need be, not like once the sprites are in they can never be changed :p

Re: Gannets' Sprite Zone - Gannets - 04-06-2015

Horizontal blinds 4 haine.

[Image: FHFvpuV.png]

Re: Gannets' Sprite Zone - Vunterslaush - 04-06-2015

Gannets Wrote:Horizontal blinds 4 haine.

[Image: FHFvpuV.png]

These are cool as heck and would be a great edition to the detectives office and the interrogation room.