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Gannets' Sprite Zone
should make the jam part a greyscaled overlay for rainbow jam
Longsword for urs
[Image: yMewGnT.png]

Strawberry pie for conor
[Image: QzVL3KO.png]

Cursed cluwne mask for pizzatiger. (valterak is giving the suit and shoes a go.)
[Image: ENSfZXb.png]

And a set of drones from the chop-shop for marq
[Image: Q6ztMIX.png]
Beautiful spriting man, really gorgeous.

Think you could do a couple guns for the station? We've had the same revolver/AK/.38 Special sprites for years now, it'd be nice to expand our arsenal.

if you're interested, here are a couple fun/interesting guns I could think of that sorta fit the game's semi-wonky future aesthetics
Hemostat/Surgical clamp for haine
[Image: yDAMMCm.png]

Some kinda' walthery machine pistol for weavel
[Image: tkaOjuj.png]

A door with 15 keyholes.
[Image: eGPHk49.png]
Gannets Wrote:A door with 15 keyholes.
[Image: eGPHk49.png]


The legends were true!
Engineering energy surplus laser for Infinite_Monkeys
[Image: omMMZsG.gif]

Spritesheet with overlays
[Image: LlhnryM.png]

And a 4 frame beam projectile to go with it.
[Image: GEWdE2O.png]
Gannets Wrote:[Image: yDAMMCm.png]

Some kinda' walthery machine pistol for weavel

That's awesome! Thank you man, I'd love to see this overtake the ancient AK744 sprites one day
I did not quote that very well did I
Infinite_Monkeys wanted a robot that did crimes. This robot is a criminal.

[Image: flcpNF1.gif]
[Image: z3WnlU6.png]
A magtractor for Wire
[Image: rTLWo3m.png]

Some flavour/fluff/decorative items, including a couple of posters sized for new-perspective walls. I'm gonna' do some more of these for various departments. Today's theme: office supplies!
[Image: wWKwQTj.gif]
[Image: rS3iNDO.png]
Whoa, that's the new poster size? All posters are gonna be tiny frown
Jesus those are tiny
Gashapon/capsule toys

[Image: 2xTNBDD.gif]

[Image: nkdLtBY.png]
Gannets Wrote:Gashapon/capsule toys

I'm in love with these.
Gannets Wrote:Gashapon/capsule toys

[Image: 2xTNBDD.gif]

[Image: nkdLtBY.png]

Oh my god, is that a macho man figure?

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