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Gannets' Sprite Zone
Vunterslaush Wrote:
Gannets Wrote:Horizontal blinds 4 haine.

[Image: FHFvpuV.png]

These are cool as heck and would be a great edition to the detectives office and the interrogation room.

It would be cool if Gannets could make another sprite for looking through the blinds. (totally shutters) As it's totally something all detectives should do.

Supplementary Image:

[Image: A-man-peering-through-a-s-002.jpg]
Shutter peepin'

[Image: SzD6wOc.gif]

[Image: 8QbBK5M.png]
Do you take requests?
I would love to see what a person of your talent could do with some of these requests


Make the Soda,chemical and Alchihol dispensers look diffrent

Mustard that can cover peoples heads

Making the cluwne look more....cursed instead of being a green clown
Sure, most everything I've made so far has been a request from someone. I'll add these to my list.
Handheld cannon ?
taser with vuvuzela barrel. (Wooden)
Scorched player models / burned ones (when people die in fire they should become burnt)
tbh blinds should have a closing animation, i think that they're kind of unattractive when you close them
Workin' on those dispensers. Taking this opportunity to put 'em in the new perspective.

[Image: Sd4zPxy.png]
goddang those are looking great!
i dig them, i just think the dispenser on the right may need to be slimmed down a bit and be a bit less rounded, it looks weird
eh I can't say I agree, I think it looks nice all chunky and rounded like that
I'm gonna' a) agree with haine and b) call these done for now 'cause I want to move on to some other sprites.

[Image: pZ10bHS.gif]

[Image: kkYH6mc.png]
You should update the sprites for Beepsky/the Guardbuddies, like the rest of the bots.
I think I've seen somebody doing new buddy sprites, so I think that's already being handled.

Workin' on spooky cluwnes fer pizzatiger now.
[Image: SLIP0QC.jpg]
keep the jpeg compression when the sprite's done
also, i imagine that the beakers are an overlay, so you should post just the 5 beaker states without the dispenser behind them

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