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Goonstation Contribution Contest - June 2024
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Something smells funny.
The HoS is against Don McClown...
And that's just the way he honks it.
[Image: image.png]
Non-upscaled image:
[Image: pie-hard.png]
Born to tide.
[Image: Tool-Metal-Jacket-Big.png]
Real Size:
[Image: Tool-Metal-Jacket.png]
[Image: IMG-5296.png]

This is my ratatouille but I can’t creat more text so it just rat now 

[Image: IMG-5297.png]

This is the regular size.
Apparently Mentor rhymes with War soooo...
[Image: pEN1xTe.png]
Non-Upscaled Version:
[Image: pEN1xTe.png]
I used the movie poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens as a reference, but it showed the whole link instead of the image when I tried adding it to here, so I'm not gonna add it.

I did use in-game sprites for this, but I'm not sure if it's allowed or not? Sorry if it isn't allowed
The Capy King
Who thought it was a good idea to bring the capybaby this close to the sun?
[Upscaled version]
[Image: Capy-King-Upscaled.png]

[Actual size]
[Image: CapyKing.png]
This is a reference to one of the promotional posters for The Lion King!
Okay just because literally everyone else has made an extremely strong entry and I need to wipe my sacrificial entry off the map. Here's a (still not very good but at least thematic) real entry. Inspiration is the very famous 1993 movie: Billy and the Cloneasaurus. 

Entry file (31x32 to be awkward for positioning)
[Image: 5TJcYvb.png]

Taking the smart idea everyone else did and stealing it (ignore the thin white line, that's just lazy cropping from me):
[Image: 6RkrI7l.png]
(06-08-2024, 04:07 PM)Cindertroy1 Wrote:
Coming this summer...
a totally fictional horror story.
NOT based on a true story.
[Image: 8W8UQx3.png]
Non-Upscaled size
[Image: l3XvIeP.png]

You know you could have made a pun on 'The Thing' - 

Edit: also knocked up a quick MEAN STREETS parody poster. it probably could use a little tweak to the edges but tbh unless i make a better poster this will likely be my submission. I like the pie hard one a lot so i know my chances are slim lol

[Image: if37V1B.png] 

[Image: xDfgKSG.png]
i couldn't resist also knocking out a Tintin poster. I don't think it's as good as the Mime Streets one so unless someone convinces me otherwise it isn't an official entry, just a bit of inspiration / eye candy for folk still struggling to think of ideas.

[Image: cnAuPBU.png]

[Image: co64R8v.png]
The tintin one -really- translates well to tiny poster format, just for my two cents. I just think it need a killer ss13 theme to make it beat the absurdly good mime streets.
If there's something strange
In your stationhood
Who you gonna call?
[Image: Vrw6tnH.png]
[Image: 1zFSUfm.png]
The Crazy 13 Nights, a Spacemas Tale, Releasing This Spacemas.
[Image: crazyfinallarge.png]
For those with cyber eyes:
[Image: crazyfinal.png]

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