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Spider Eggs Reagent Tweaks
I had a fun round the other day with an artifact that gassed spider eggs and I had some ideas to enhance the spider chest bursting process:

+ Victims fall over and convulse during/near the final stage
+ Victims announce the red text messages they receive
+ Spiders deal brute/organ damage as they try to claw out and emergence deals a ton of brute but doesn't gib the victim.
+ A chance to spawn other types of spiders instead of just ice spiders
+ Removing the eggs spawns a random spider egg(s)

++ It would be cool if the victim could keep barfing up spiders (similar to the bee disease that makes you keep barfing up bees) until the eggs are surgically removed.
++ We could keep spider gibbing as a small chance of occurring with every emergence which makes an adult spider pop out instead.
Anything that adds more gross chestburstey blood and destruction, "holy shit look at all them guts/blood/destruction/spiders" is good and has my instantaneous approval.

I would like it better if the gibbing was guaranteed with enough time passed, even if it only produces tiny baby spiders.

+1 make Cliff Stills mentor add this idea pls

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