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[MERGED PR] Remove ability for AI Eye to swap borg cells
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About the PR
Intangible AI eyes can no longer swap cells for cyborgs in docking stations.

Why's this needed?
Fixes #15851 by ensuring cells swappers are not intangble.

Seems like there's opinions on this so I'd like to gather your thoughts. Originally a bugfix PR. How do yall think swapping power cells in cyborg docking stations should work?
I don't think this needed a thread, personally. I think it's a good bugfix.
Recently been discussing Silicon balance with a few people, both devs and players. I think my stance has shifted from 'This should stay' to a 'I want this to stay but if it gets merged I wouldn't really care'. This is a rough copy of my comment i left on the github PR.
how is this a bug? afaik borgs not being able to replace their own was a balance thing. the ai is still a separate entity, so.. not sure why its considered one. the dock is doing all the work, its not like someone is sticking their hand in and doing it
Yeah it's just the AI pressing a button to make the dock change batteries. Though I do understand balance wise a rogue AI and borgs this would make it harder for them to continue their terror without human help but I don't think it makes much sense really that the AI can't press a button to change borg power cells in a dock.
I felt the thread was necessary since while it is a bugfix, some may prefer the current behavior and want to voice that. It's minor, but I don't feel it hurts to make a thread even if it's unnecessary. If I'm mistaken, please let me know. (And I didn't want a lengthy discussion on github comments, that's more for reviewing the actual code)

Personally I don't have much opinion on this as I don't see it majorly affecting gameplay. I do think it would give roboticists more of a job though, even if it's currently the case that uh... roboticists arent easy to rely on. Woe is having a 'job' but no responsibilities....
Honestly, I had assumed it was intended for AIs to be able to swap cells, and that the restriction was so a borg couldn't swap it's own cell without outside help- The AI is outside help, so it just made sense to me.
Definitely not a big deal removing it, though. I don't think I'd mind much if it went through.

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