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The tale of Crab Chef
at this link a grand tale occurred, told in screenshots by pali

[Image: dreamseeker_SZ6nAPlCce.png?width=471&height=256]

A "YourOrgans!" vending machine and a wraith joined forces to perma kill vispectra's character. The gods (pali) took mercy and respawned them.... as a crab.

[Image: dreamseeker_FWp5553WwQ.png?width=489&height=265]

And then glued a chef hat to their head.

[Image: dreamseeker_S72MrSDQWv.png?width=436&height=376]

Events unfolded from there.

[Image: dreamseeker_Bpb98Q1Tc1.png?width=654&height=300]

[Image: dreamseeker_Nl6LoLr0gM.png?width=408&height=195]

[Image: dreamseeker_6F4C2Nbaqm.png]

[Image: dreamseeker_y4KiPS9u3r.png]

A skeleton commander appeared...

[Image: dreamseeker_bMrAfEoH2A.png]

...and paid in his only known currency: other skeletons

[Image: dreamseeker_Ig4fn4LKf5.png]

...doesn't seem like that was legal tender...

[Image: dreamseeker_KDVOucd9qe.png]
(points to the fried eye)
[Image: dreamseeker_a3jri2ItFQ.png]
shenanigans ensued
[Image: dreamseeker_RkKI5dQqfj.png]
[Image: dreamseeker_WBgV6kkaiA.png]
[Image: dreamseeker_aZd16pBI7D.png]
[Image: dreamseeker_P63TLUaksK.png]
[Image: dreamseeker_pSeKMmKcig.png]
The clown showed up with a gun, tried to shoot a voidhound
[Image: dreamseeker_qp5S7bgpLz.png]
...and missed
[Image: dreamseeker_MeRNF7s8pA.png?width=331&height=193]
[Image: dreamseeker_RxSIsBlKSp.png?width=597&height=621]
[Image: dreamseeker_UtyZZtv7fP.png?width=532&height=231]
justice was served... but at what cost?
[Image: dreamseeker_0FhPiWCUUn.png]

[Image: dreamseeker_roO1j8Aokf.png]
[Image: dreamseeker_RB7aUXIiOy.png]
may he rest well
[Image: dreamseeker_2XPnkK6lZY.png]

story and screenshots ported from discord rp chat to here with permission from pali
thanks for reading
Omg is that the robust Specimen??? thats insane!!!
And in the end... the chef was getting sliced up by the syndicate to extract their precious Cullinary glands to out do NT in the food delivery wars.

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