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The tale of Crab Chef - Tyrant - 08-29-2023

at this link a grand tale occurred, told in screenshots by pali

[Image: dreamseeker_SZ6nAPlCce.png?width=471&height=256]

A "YourOrgans!" vending machine and a wraith joined forces to perma kill vispectra's character. The gods (pali) took mercy and respawned them.... as a crab.

[Image: dreamseeker_FWp5553WwQ.png?width=489&height=265]

And then glued a chef hat to their head.

[Image: dreamseeker_S72MrSDQWv.png?width=436&height=376]

Events unfolded from there.

[Image: dreamseeker_Bpb98Q1Tc1.png?width=654&height=300]

[Image: dreamseeker_Nl6LoLr0gM.png?width=408&height=195]

[Image: dreamseeker_6F4C2Nbaqm.png]

[Image: dreamseeker_y4KiPS9u3r.png]

A skeleton commander appeared...

[Image: dreamseeker_bMrAfEoH2A.png]

...and paid in his only known currency: other skeletons

[Image: dreamseeker_Ig4fn4LKf5.png]

...doesn't seem like that was legal tender...

[Image: dreamseeker_KDVOucd9qe.png]

RE: The tale of Crab Chef - Tyrant - 08-29-2023

(points to the fried eye)
[Image: dreamseeker_a3jri2ItFQ.png]
shenanigans ensued
[Image: dreamseeker_RkKI5dQqfj.png]
[Image: dreamseeker_WBgV6kkaiA.png]
[Image: dreamseeker_aZd16pBI7D.png]
[Image: dreamseeker_P63TLUaksK.png]
[Image: dreamseeker_pSeKMmKcig.png]
The clown showed up with a gun, tried to shoot a voidhound
[Image: dreamseeker_qp5S7bgpLz.png]
...and missed
[Image: dreamseeker_MeRNF7s8pA.png?width=331&height=193]
[Image: dreamseeker_RxSIsBlKSp.png?width=597&height=621]
[Image: dreamseeker_UtyZZtv7fP.png?width=532&height=231]

RE: The tale of Crab Chef - Tyrant - 08-29-2023

justice was served... but at what cost?
[Image: dreamseeker_0FhPiWCUUn.png]

[Image: dreamseeker_roO1j8Aokf.png]
[Image: dreamseeker_RB7aUXIiOy.png]
may he rest well
[Image: dreamseeker_2XPnkK6lZY.png]

story and screenshots ported from discord rp chat to here with permission from pali
thanks for reading

RE: The tale of Crab Chef - Frolicsome Flufficorn - 08-30-2023

Omg is that the robust Specimen??? thats insane!!!

RE: The tale of Crab Chef - Kotlol - 08-30-2023

And in the end... the chef was getting sliced up by the syndicate to extract their precious Cullinary glands to out do NT in the food delivery wars.

RE: The tale of Crab Chef - LeahTheTech - 09-02-2023