HoS Application - Hailey Marshall
Haileys a great player, they definitely are deserving of the beret. They are fun to play with, they're friendly, and just overall very cool!

Apple is a brilliant Officer, and all around very brilliant and passionate person.

Great communication, great roleplay, great at showing restraint and has been getting a lot better at handling Antags. I've also seen some great teaching, and great leadership skills.

They're also a lovely person to interact with out of game. Really friendly and welcoming presence on the Discord.

Big +1
Lord_Apple is a great officer, that I both saw train assistants and lead the team in absence of an HoS, and I am overall positive they will become a good HoS.
For whatever my 2c are worth - 

Hailey is one of the most consistently fun officers on the RP servers. 

--For the sec team, they communicate well, keep people in the loop, and help out - and teach regularly and well. 

-- For the antags, they're fair - but they know how to escalate, and they get serious in a proportionate way.
Makes being against them a treat, because you know you'll not get ruined for one slip - or conversely stakes are high enough that you know they won't just hand you back devious tools if you DO stuff up.  I can also say I've not once seen Hailey go power-gaming on sec, even when it must be very tempting. 

--And for the rest of the crew - and I cannot stress this enough - Hailey is GREAT at communicating, AND at letting other departments shine & have their moment in the sun; above and beyond just about any other non-HOS officer I can think of (and... More than a few HOS-es to be honest). 

They raise issues with other departments with authority over that area, EG, bringing up issues in engineering to engineers & notifying RE breaks, leaks, etcetera instead of just silently fixing them without a word // letting medbay know when to expect casualities, and warning other officers off insta-cloning without a puritan check // Letting sci be just a -bit- dangerous and stupid but giving a fair warning when needed. // Letting command know about issues in the bridge upload etc without doing the whole super-cop bit - - and so on and so forth. 

All up, a treat to play with, and I wish my time-zone crossed over with them more!
I'd still like to see you less afraid to make decisions on antagonists rather than be lenient with them.

Still think you need to shake this off. Still positive about you having HoS overall.
Hailey has always been great to work with, and if I recall, might've taught me a thing or two or inspired confidence in me when I first started out in sec! Definitely would be a good figure to put in HoS position. I do agree with Cal, but a lot of officers on RP struggle with decisiveness, and I think being put in the HoS spot will help tons with feeling like you CAN make those decisions.
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a HoS. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our HoS Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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