HoS Application - Hailey Marshall
Usual character name: Hailey Marshall
BYOND username: Lord_Apple
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Lord Apple#4954
Recommended by (if applicable): ftlaudeye, Bigbro175, Slazzy
Goon servers you play: Goon 3 (Primarily) & 4

Reason for application:
In the time I’ve spent playing Security Officer I have observed many times the sense of calm and collectedness that a HoS can bring to a round. While certainly I have also seen plenty of Security teams manage just fine without one more often than not, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have a HoS around either. I enjoy Security work and staying active and taking charge when the situation arises, and I believe I have what it takes.

Security experience (300 word minimum):
I first played Security Officer a few months after I first started playing, and though it was something I would regularly return to, I wouldn’t say it was my favourite job to play, although I always enjoyed it whenever I did. Then at some point, it finally clicked with me, and from that moment onwards Security Officer has become my far the role I play most often. There are several factors that make it so enjoyable, ranging from the enjoyment of working with a solid team, interacting with a varied and fascinating crew, interspersed with the occasional action beat. A Security shift is never repetitive, and I love that about it.
There’s a couple different things I’ve learned that are very important in helping a round feel fun  not just for the crew and the Security team, but for the antagonists as well. Things like keeping calm and trying to talk out situations to encourage roleplay are instrumental here. It can be overwhelming sometimes, and I’ve learned to keep from getting too stressed out about a given situation. Talking is the name of the game here too, and it’s so important in enhancing the roleplay experience. This counts for having a relaxed conversation with fellow officers, to asking witnesses about what they saw to aid in an investigation, to working out sentencing.

Talking is obviously important for communication, also. I’ve found that this is something that is both enjoyable to do and helps with keeping up with what can often be a somewhat chaotic and confusing mess. Giving and asking for occasional status updates on current open cases or general station goings-on, using the Add Note command to keep track of things like prints and descriptions of people you’re looking for, and letting people know when I’m headed to an alert to avoid that common problem of too many officers showing up to a crime scene and getting in each other’s way, clogging up hallways and friendly firing tasers at each other.

Stepping up to lead among other officers, dealing with Antagonists and being fair to them, de-escalation of scuffles, are all things I think I’ve gotten better at over time. The story of a round is always deeply important to me. Being kind to the Antagonists when dealing with them (“missing” certain contraband on purpose, for example) is more fun for them and the rest of the crew when they put their comeback plan into motion. Antagonists can make or break a round just like Security can, and when both treat each other fairly, it is all the better for everyone involved, so that we may arrive at CentComm with good feelings, excited to talk about our favourite moments that happened, which is what I love seeing most of all.

Handling the treatment of antagonists is not always as easy as giving them a sentence of some kind, confiscating their contraband and warning them not do anything again. Or, on the opposite end, to decide upon an execution. It can be very tricky sometimes where to draw the line on an Antagonist’s crime spree. I’ve learned that to walk the line between too much leniency and too much ruthlessness can be a tricky line to walk. There are many opinions that exist on the matter of sentencing and while the wrong ways to go about things are well known, the right way can sometimes be elusive. I know that dwelling on made decisions during crunch time is only going to lessen your enjoyment in the long run, but it’s also important to learn from made mistakes, which is definitely something I find applies even more so to Security work, and sometimes I will always keep doing.

Over time I’ve also come to terms with the fact that running constant round the clock patrols is not only a bit tedious if you’re not constantly deviating to talk to people. Something about chatting with my fellow officers during some downtime and running only the occasional patrol to check in on what the rest of the station is up to I find a lot more enjoyable. It’s also a bit fairer on the Antagonists too. The pressure of dodging constantly patrolling officers could be a bit much sometimes, and Security ultimately tends towards the reactive when it comes to taking action.

Answer two or more of the following:
• What advice would you give to other sec players?
One of the most overlooked things I’ve noticed ties into communication as well, something that is easy to struggle with for me as well, and that is communicating on Security comms that you are responding to an alert or a call for help. So often do people just not do it, which is a problem as most alerts and calls do not warrant the presence of four officers. It spreads Security thin, it makes moving around a tight space such as maintenance tunnels tricky, and is borderline impossible and thus unfun to deal with for most Antagonists.
Another bit of advice especially for new officers is to relax. Seriously. When you are able to take issues as they arrive and are a calming and relaxed presence when dealing with a problem, it’s so much more likely for that interaction to turn out positive. Even if the roleplay escalates and the Antagonists and Security get increasingly violent with each other, staying relaxed is so incredibly important, because while your character might be upset, you yourself should not get that way. I’ve noticed in myself and in others that your mood, even and especially when unintentional, may filter through into the way you play, which goes both ways for positive and negative emotions. Sometimes you just die, but that’s part of the game!

• What was one of your favourite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
One of my favourite moments as a security officer was dealing with a true murder mystery. A miner had been found murdered out in space, but rather than stay preserved in the vacuum, it was a desiccated husk. The autopsy in Medical revealed the usual space death suspects- frostbite and oxygen loss. Yet neither me nor the other Security staff were convinced that this was a mere mass driver incident. The janitor who initially reported the body possessed the only prints on the body aside from ours, and we questioned the man more than once. More strange evidence arrives in the form of a strange photo camera equipped with a flash module that had previously belonged to the dead miner. Though we never were able to collect enough evidence to confirm our suspicions despite getting so close to the truth, it was nevertheless one of the most enjoyable rounds of Security I ever played. And yes, it turns out that the janitor was in fact a changeling in the post-round screen, who defended himself against a spy thief miner.

• Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
I have been in both these very different positions many times. I think when part of a full security team, delegation and communication become so much more important than individual ability, for the simple fact that you’re never really alone. When I am part of a full security team, I tend to both relax more, barring any more extreme cases of a station-wide threat, due to having so many allies I can count on, while also feeling a little pressure due to a likely overabundance of information originating from several officers reporting their findings. Staying informed of the barrage of security comms likely going on and responding to calls while making sure not to overcommit on those calls with too many officers on duty becomes a definite focus.
When I am the sole officer on duty, I tend to zone in more, focusing on staying alert. I try to quickly form good ties with the presiding Captain and AI to aid me in making sure things don’t go south too quickly. I do feel a lot more pressure when I’m solo, feeling like dying on ‘the line of duty’ when I’m the only officer is so much more impactful.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

• Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
There once was a man from Command,
Who’d never once been in a band.
He’d spend all his time, thinking about the musical practice he’d crammed.
And after the end of the performance he ended up on the table, slammed.
(Excerpt from post-BoJack’s Captaining experience.)

• What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
One security gimmick that I have been dying to run is one that I have seen others talk about- a Security wide training session. It may not be the most original idea, but I think I could give it my own spin! I would get the HoP involved in getting half of Sec ‘Blue Team’ cards and the other ‘Red Team’ cards, with the uniforms to match. I would set some kind of objective aside from arresting the other side- perhaps a hostage rescue, or trying to get something or do something for every department. I think it could be very fun!
• Draw a picture!
[Image: P9Jxx0f]
Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None.
Hailey is a really outstanding officer that i've consistently had great experiences with. They're always talkative on the radio and in the know of what's going on and not afraid to try to guide the team in the right direction when the going gets tough. In addition to their general good security skills they're a quality role-player who can make interesting situations from nothing. I've never seen them loose their cool or act in any way that would be unbecoming. As someone who consistently is a great addition to any round they're apart of I cannot recommend them enough.
After I round I just recently experienced on Goon 3, absolutely, 100 times yes.

Apple handled a very busy situation incredibly well while I (the HoS) was dead as a doornail and resolved it essentially on their own as well. They were basically the only active officer helping handle things while a chunk of the team was being unresponsive.

Super great at communicating and awesome to roleplay with. 💚
Good on coms, responsive to calls, respectful to antags and crew members. I remember them asking an antag up for execution how they wanted to go out, and agreed to their last wish of dying in combat, let them duke it out in the wrestling ring with other willing crew members.

They've got big HoS energy, wouldn't notice much of a difference in their playstyle or attitude if they got the stompy boots.
One of the most competent security officers I've ever met, and exceptionally talented at de-escalation. Always hear them chatting on comms about everything and letting people know what's going on if they're out of it. Very good teacher of assistants too!
I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Hailey/Apple as an officer. On  the gameplay side when I do see them, the round usually does have them consistently make updates on comms, back up officers quickly and efficiently, and take pretty good initiative especially when other officers are scrambling. I’ve had rounds where I was just lost and late, and as Hailey they did come in to catch me up to speed, and help get me involved. Even in rounds where most the security team are unresponsive, they still have focus on the matter at hand. I’ve seen them help to train assistants or newer officers. 

 I think you can really see Hailey shine in RP. There’s a great focus and flow between these nice moment of calm and talking to me and fellow officers in game, but still focusing and placing just the right amount of focus on antagonists that still allows them to feel like a threat. 
They don’t immediately shut down an antagonist or push for execution until it’s appropriate. They try and de-escalate, do informative and entertaining interrogation, have varying consequences for their actions that match the context, involve other officers to keep up a good spread of info/enhance teamwork and rp. 
You really do feel like a team with Hailey. 
Antagonists are given a chance to come back as a threat, without treating them with kids gloves or undermining their actions.
It is hard to say what has not allready been said, Hailey is a great RP officer who comes with a lot to the table.
They are friendly to officers, crew and antag alike and are allways a pleasure to have on the team. And as meowgical states they are good at allowing breathing room for antags, while also playing them up.
They have good understanding about the details of working security, and their application shows.

All in all, to keep it short, i think Hailey will make a great addition to the HoS's
Im going to steal your boots

Hailey has learned right along side me how to make antag work for it while slowing down jussst enough to be one step behind them till the finale.

Hailey is someone i can count on to communicate and be fair.

Hailey is good. Under pressure.

LordApple would be a good hos.
strong recommendation from myself, i've HoS'ed over Hailey for countless shifts now and they've always been stellar.
they've loosened up a lot too over the months, too, so I can see them setting a great example of a fun HoS.
Great officer, extremely responsive and a great roleplayer and teacher, but I'm mildly concerned about how light you are with antagonists.

I personally do not think you should dissuade another officer (me in this case!) from pursuing someone in the syndicate commander armor on station. I get being nice to other players, but that's like The Outfit of the Leaders of the People Who Kill Your Employees.

This person later sleepypenned and tried to kill me, unsurprisingly.

Other than that, I think you excel at everything Security-wise!
Generally passes my standards, do wish there could be a little more radio communication, but then again this is coming from someone who thinks if comms aren't being spammed there isn't enough information being shared. So in general, doing good, but as Cal has stated I do wish you would be a little harder on some antags or feel more comfortable in punishing or sentencing more harshly. When I've been on a team with you, you are on my short list of officers I know I can trust to get something done without much guidance. RP-wise I can't really say much, and I ain't the arbiter of good rp, but I think you do just fine. All in all, I'd say you definitely are above the bar for HoS on goonrp and would be a good model officer.
Stand by the recommendation, nothing but positive things to say about Apple's Security play. Good communicator, genuinely looks out for the crew, and carefully ushers the shift's progress along in an appropriate, engaging manner. They have a very strong grasp on the technical aspects of Security while also keeping a great mentality that allows them to handle situations appropriately. Get them the beret, their coffee's getting cold in their #1 Boss mug!
Very good officer, communicates clearly when making arrests, and seems to do well under pressure from the rougher rounds I've seen on goonstation. Conversing with Hailey is incredibly enjoyable, LordApple has an excellent personality and is incredibly likable. They're pretty fair to antagonists and gives them enough time to make the rounds interesting. Ultimately, I believe that LordApple would be an amazing HoS.

good officer, comfortable leading. have gotten to see you respond to more stuff since the first time around and i still think you hold a lot of good values and don't exhibit any problematic behaviors. i really really trust you when i see you, to be fair, to guide others, to rp at an enjoyable and encouraging level.

following from what bree and cal mentioned: i could see you maybe brush up a little bit in your decisiveness. there was a round where someone bombed cloning and made it airless and killed two people (one a doctor) and themselves at ~30 minutes in; you ultimately chose not to execute for this and they went on to blow up something else in medbay. the shuttle was called about 20 minutes early that round because medbay and engineering were tired of taking beatings with no staff.

so maybe decisiveness and overall-stationwide-awareness about how your decisions are going to affect others? though i actually think being hos and having command radio to check on other departments is a bit of a solution to this.
Hailey is both an amazing Security Officer, as well as a fantastic player! Any round I've had her as a fellow officer, I knew I'd be in for good company. I've spent many a shift with her on duty and it's always been fun, even during duller rounds when nothing's going on, they're good on communication. Really encompasses the good aspects of any Security Officer!

Cool-headed, down to earth, and definitely worthy of the title, very good experiences through and through, there's honestly nobody else I'd rather recommend than Hailey.

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