S stands for Specimen! ( HoS App )
+1 Consistently good security player and reformed tider, talkative and asks questions in ahelp when unsure. Still can't spell my name though - Leta Portatis.
Poisoned my water supply, burned down my crops, and delivered a plague upon my house. Good thing he got banned. +1

(Actually a pretty good sec off knows what’s fair, active on the radio, and good awareness of the “flow” of a round.)
Jesus Christ for the art alone and the dedication toward the things you do already shows the amount of dedication you put into things. I have watched you grow and learn as a player and especially as a sec off and while in the beginning it was rough as is all of our journeys I can say that you definitely reached a point where I can say you are ready for the beret. So go get em! +1
Kicked my ass several times (many of which deserved), really good secoff! +1
Great sec off helps the team, communicates well and gives correct punishments to criminals +1
Fantastic sec off. I have seen them around for a while, and not only have they built a positive presence in the community but they also are a positive presence on the security team. As a hos I know I can rely on them as they respond to the radio and treat antags and the crew fairly. +1 from me.

Also some advice. Remember a good hos does not just stop antags, but helps push the story forward. If you fail to stop someone, that's ok! If you catch someone early on, don't kill them! You have done a great job so far and I hope to see you as hos!
I don't play too often on 1 but I think I've seen Specimen enough to leave a comment. In my experience, they're a good secoff. They respond quickly, they're good at communicating, and they provide some very useful tips! I'm giving them a +1
If I don't say this I will feel guilty.

It's often hard for me to judge someone's leadership and decision-making when I'm essentially playing their 'boss'.

However when I have played other roles such as captain I have seen Specimen lead the security team and guide other officers in how to respond to threats/go forwards.

I have also seen Specimen give advice/guide other newer security officers, and give information about gear loadouts.

I can't recall Specimen giving brig timers, but I also don't recall him ever giving out unfair/unfun/wrong sentences either - which is a plus, as I tend to remember those stronger.

I'm pretty sure he is pretty familiar with Security culture, and he is a name I can single out and trust among a crowded security team - because he will communicate and actually respond when I ask his help.

He also knows how to keep things fun but to play 'for real' when shit goes down.

When I started writing this I was going to leave the end blank and let my experience with Specimen speak for itself, but I think I've convinced myself that yeah, he is probably certainly ready for the big boy nerd boots he harasses me for. smile


Application checks out well:
Communication - good
Empathy - good
Reason could be expanded on a bit more - and don't forget that leadership skill isn't derived from 'rank'
Prioritization - good
Did you make those posters? They are excellent
+1 Great enough officer that i assumed they were already HoS. Would defenedly make a great one

Specimen is absolutely HoS material, great fun playing with him whenever, and is always very helpful and fair when handling situations.
specimans person:

is good!

communicative (very important) but also overall very nice. i am wary of seccies who take things too seriously and get angry easily - spesimons purson is not one of those 

i hope they continue being nice when they get the  gon get shot watch out

Fantastic Sec Off, keeps cool and collected most of the time, he would make a fine HOS. +1
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a HoS. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our HoS Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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