S stands for Specimen! ( HoS App )
Usual character name: The Specimen
BYOND username: Vispectra
Discord username: Rex#2083
Goon servers you play: Goonstation Classic 1 ( Heisenbee )

Reason for application

So I'm definitely not the kinda guy who expected to see myself doing this but due the game mostly throwing me into sec so frequently at this point I think I have more hours into security than mechanic ( rip mechanics ) or engineer. I'm applying because due to my frequency in security I've taken an interest in pursuing a leadership role. Also I feel a lack of Head Of Security during the hours in which I play so perhaps I can fill that little gap [Image: zVnJg7UzwPPma8aMLyIxySzMvxEUWw5MBu7GtUCp...wHHPKtjF-A]. So to be straight forward my application reason is for a chance at having some extra responsibility under my belt ( Pun intended Belt haha.. ).
Security Experience
As with many of my peers. Security started as a pain in the neck for a newer player like me. Especially with my rather troublesome record back when I just started. I would find myself roaming the walls of the brig for breaking into places I don't belong only to be arrested by Security officers who realistically are doing their job correctly or being a little too power gamey which I've since toned down due to well, despite it NOT being against the rules it is a little less than fair for the antagonists. It was much later into my Space Station 13 experience did I even show remote interest for Security. It started with Detective, since it felt rather light on responsibility and you got yourself a gun! After a good few dozen rounds as detective, having a taste of security itself wouldn't be half bad. And so the intercom read : The Specimen has signed up as the Security Officer.
My adventures in this role are crazy. Honestly I think the amount of times I've heard "Speci you're sec ??? I thought you hated that role" would make me rich, given that I receive a spacebuck for each time it was said. Security is rough, no doubt about that though. Given how you're the person who's meant to help maintain some semblance of order makes you ride on a tight rope between being proficient at your job and still allowing those who rolled antagonist to have their fun.
I’ve sunken a decent amount of time into security at this point. I've interacted at least once with most Heads of Security and fellow officers, ( do assistants count ? ). I like to think I'm fairly well known as well so my values and judgement is pretty well understood. When an arrest to be made, I always attempt to first talk to the individual depending on circumstances before resorting to pulling out my tools. I don't like being arrested without a chance to even talk so I try to apply the same to my would be arrestees. When it comes to actually procedures I will usually consult the Head of Security for brig timing or other punishments. If that isn't possible, I'll speak to the Captain or my team of officers. Basically, I might not be the most robust person, I will miss my taser shots, but you can sure as hell count on me to be there when that alert pings or if you radio for help ! ( provided you tell me where, please tell me where the ling is... )
What Advice Would You Give To Other Sec Players?
 I’d give them a couple. Besides the obvious please leave your disk and pin-pointer labeled ideally in security to ensure we recover you in case something happens.
So communication is obviously a very basic and overstated tip but it has to be here. Of course the security team will work a hundred times better if we talk with each other. Not only does this avoid potential mishaps, such as arresting the same person twice, which really isn't fair, or a security officer perishing to a traitor they decided to chase alone, but it also really helps keep track of what happened in the round and what to look out for. If I can give credit to RP servers it's that their communication is on point. I once had a team mostly comprised of RP players and they voice almost everything. It's never bad to say simple stuff such as 'on my way' or 'saw someone messing with upload'. Even if you let them get away in the moment I think over all unless the situation is genuinely dire, it's better to spend a few seconds to hit up your local ':g' to let us know!
Another one I want to state that might not be seen to often is respecting chain of command. Now of course if there's a head of security we all know to heed their orders first but in the event that there is not one and the captain is not an antagonist, try to follow orders from the captain. If the staffie stole AA but the captain says it's fine and there's no head of security, just let it go. This applies within reason IMO as if the captain is constantly disrupting security matters for unjustifiable reason such as releasing a prisoner or interrupting arrests often then by all means discuss with your security team on how you should proceed or consult the admins if it's excessive bad behavior.
 Lastly, I think despite how ironic it is, security might be the role with the most empathy. Think of it this way, we all wanna be bad, we all hit that Ready button and hope to roll vampire or traitor etc. Well that person you just arrested is in the same case as you. Perhaps this is this first antag roll in months, or perhaps it's not. What matters is being bad is rare. The antagonist keep us in action, so showing leniency ( within reason ) towards them will both benefit you directly, and leave the antag often praising security post round. This doesn't mean let everyone go but if you caught a traitor 7 minutes in with their PDA, perhaps consider brigging them for the appropriate time but also returning their PDA after they've served their time. Context of course always matters.
What Game Improvements Or Changes Do You Think Would Benefit Security Players?
 It might be too strong but I genuinely think whoever made the station map on the Nuke op cruiser was a genius. It's unbelievably cool and useful to be able to see an outline of the station. I am not sure how balanced it would be, but I think security might benefit from having a simple map like that either in sec or as a PDA function. I know it would help me a lot with alerts where I'm not quite sure where I'm supposed to go to reach my distressed comrade.
Describe Any Differences In Your Playstyle When Part Of A Full Security Team And When Being The Only Security Officer.
Being part of a team is always a relief obviously, not only does it provide company which every human craves but you know if you're in a sticky situation you can rely on someone for back up. The pros are well yeah, strength in numbers ! I will often find myself attempting to take point if we do not have leadership. I will also attempt to the best of my ability to spread out tasks so that it isn't always one person going onto secmate to set arrest, or just me brigging and searching. I want the others to experience sec. No hogging all the glory. Cons ? Mindhacks! The more of you there are the easier a sneaky little mindhack can slip themselves into your team.
Alone well, alone is rough. You don't have to worry about mindhacked officers, but you are by yourself. I try to get into a mindset that is opposite that of when I'm a team. That is first acknowledge the threats, attempt to set up a hierarchy on what needs fixing. The spy stealing the water cooler might not be the most important person to deal with right now, the rogue Ai is affecting the entire crew, Ai should be fixed first. Of course usually when you're alone you have to somewhat come to terms with the fact that you might not make it to round end, and you'll most likely lose in fights that involve more than one person. It's quite hard to focus on many threats and you might be overwhelmed, I know I get swamped sometimes but that's okay and it's to be expected when you're alone. Usually crew will attempt to assist as well if you're not being an ass. So yeah, hope for the best but expect the worst !
What's a Security Gimmick That You've Ran or Wanted to Run?
I once tried to arrest gangsters using only a token, it was silly but it almost worked ! I've also been meaning to see if I can pull off a no security tools arrest. Sounds like a fun challenge depending on the situation of course.
Previous bans : 1 day ban for breach of rule 4.
Thanks for taking the time to read this ! See you on our favorite Space Station.
Images below as per the HoS app request!
[Image: Attention.jpg]
[Image: Nuke-ops.jpg]
[Image: Revs.jpg]
[Image: Desk-hos.png]
Specimen is a great secoff. They are fair with antags and good at defusing situations before they escalate out of control. Additionally, Specimen is a calm, reliable, and effective security officer and always a great addition to the security team. Specimen is also a great leader in a security team and keep tabs on officers and offer great advice and backup for other officers. Furthermore, Specimen interacts positively in the crew and isn't antagonistic or abusive with their position of power. Specimen would be a great addition to the hos roster.
I would Agree that Specimen is a extremely fair security. The way I've seen them deal with antagonists is what I would expect of someone with a higher authority and they have the experience and robustness to back up being a HoS. As well as this the effort put into this HoS application is amazing! Nice to see some real dedication and effort. I would Love to see Specimen as a HoS and through my experience with them would see them being extremely fit for the role. 

Specimen is a fantastic security officer whenever I see him, very fair with brig time, never abuses his power, and very tolerant of any tiders or pranksters around. This is also by far the best application I've seen so far, +1000
Fair, experienced, disciplined and is also a fun officer to play with, +1
Ran a trial round with Specimen today and was quite impressed. They have leadership qualities, are reliable, and make the round very enjoyable to work alongside them. +1.
S stands for Still banned  Sleeping bee

this is an ongoing in-joke
(01-23-2023, 10:23 AM)Zamujasa Wrote: S stands for Still banned  Sleeping bee

this is an ongoing in-joke

I can't believe this reached EVEN HERE.
(01-23-2023, 11:00 AM)The Specimen Wrote:
(01-23-2023, 10:23 AM)Zamujasa Wrote: S stands for Still banned  Sleeping bee

this is an ongoing in-joke

I can't believe this reached EVEN HERE.

yea lmao guess thats your character joke now!, anyways yea speci is a good secoff and always listens (and a really good sense of fashion as well) so i think he has a lot of potential to be a hos +1
+1 Specimen is a wonderful and fair security officer, by far one of the better regular sec i see, his punishments are fair and just, they also have excellent communication and can carry a sec department on the worst of shifts i believe he would make an amazing hos (even tho he is still specibanned) and i cant wait to play and see em join as hos
I've played with specimen plenty. I fully endorse them as a capable fair and fun person.

I've definitely played with specimen a couple of times and he's honestly a pretty chill level headed security. I still remember one time he insisted an antagonist get another chance because it was only early round and nothing had really happened yet. Overall pretty chill person.
+1 got to watch some of his rounds good secoff
+1 Just a great player, honestly everything that needs to be said has been said. It would be amazing to see him as a HoS!
+1 A great officer always on top of his game, shows fair judgement, good shotcalling, leadership and has great combat skills. Would love to see him as a HOS.

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