Mentor App?? Ezra Callison
ezra's been helpful and positive in all my interactions with them IC and OOC. They're open about being approached in-game by people with questions and make it known that they are ready and able to help. I think they'd be able to put the mentor tools to good use to reach more people and guide them, and I think they'd uphold the ethical expectations of mentorship really well since they have grown to be inclusive and compassionate both in-game and out.
I have known Ezra for a long time, and I have seen them be a constant friendly presence outside the game for a long while. Ezra was someone I looked up to as sec and helped me to better learn the job. Not only are they friendly and helpful, but they are also knowledgable. I feel they have grown a lot recently and would make a great mentor.
Ezra is a great player and would make a great mentor, i see them around often and they are very fun to interact with every time, also I see them help new players when new players need help! def mentor material in my opinion big grin

Knowledge-able and Well rounded. Ezra takes their tasks seriously and I've seen them help some new players out before.
They've always spent the needed time to help people out and get them where they need to be to at least help them grasp the somewhat complex nature of the station.
My experience with Ezra is mixed, as he is either very kind and helpful, or a murderous psychotic traitor who wrestle belts and c sabers through the station in a beautiful ballet of death and despair. He has my +1
+1, a good person, calm and helpful, knows how the game works and is fit for the role
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a mentor. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our Mentor Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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