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Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - Input - 12-12-2022

jons the catte Usual character name: Ezra Callison
BYOND username: comradeinput
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Ezra NO2 Callison
Recommended by (if applicable): No one
Goon servers you play: Classic 1

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): a fancy greater domestic space-bee

I want to become a mentor because I feel like ive learned many different aspects of the game over my two years of playing and growing with the community, Ive grown and seen many different faces going in and out, through situations and all i've stuck with the community for its welcoming acceptance and wonderful artstyle and thriving discord. In my own experience ive become knowledgable in many different departments, engineering, a bit of chem nerding and most importantly a very crucial aspect to the crew which is medical department. People deserve to gain the respect and trust they desire when they chose such a role and end up getting yelled at cause they arent healing hard enough! There are many newer individuals who chose medical roles to get into the game and learn the begineers aspects of it and end up turning away becuase of one simple miscommunication or the complexitiy of it. I want to be able to help them and let them maintain a solid footing and introduction into the game

I want to answer questions and help those who need help and are to shy to ask people outright. I want to be the mousey wonder who can be a face of the community in harder times. In other experiences i have a big bit in security an want to help people who are on both sides of the law, if their an antag or security. Such common questions are like, "how do i access my PDA'' or "How do i even sec?" As a Hos i ask on comms if any one needs any help but preferably maybe some officers want to be anonomyous and would rather use F3 and ask a mentor! Everyone has questions and needs to be appreciated with some help!

Other relevant experiences in other departments are ranching, Cooking! a small bit of botany and the most important department is the fun department! This is a simple game and although the skill roof is high lets not intimidate folks and remind ourselves that this is a silly game and we ought to be respectful and be aware and concious of our actions and words and i'll make sure to keep a watch on everyone !

Thanks for the TEDTALK

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): Once started a plasma fire as a non antag,
Other time i made a Deez nutz joke

RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - Sindarwin - 12-12-2022

Erza is always super helpful when you ask would be a valued mentor 1+

RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - Lucky.Cobra - 12-13-2022

about time bush head, better make that afro purple however!


RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - zcrow - 12-14-2022

Deeply knowledgeable player. Have learnt a lot from Ezra, both directly and indirectly. Approachable and patient personality in and out of game.


RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - George_Manning - 12-15-2022

I will give a +1 he is respectful and a good fit personality wise, and that comically sized Afro is filled with smarts

RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - TDHooligan - 12-21-2022

been around since I was playing goon1, was always pleasant. no doubt they know their stuff now. +1

RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - NanoDano - 12-22-2022

The afro is simply a covering for his gigantic brain +1

RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - Froggit_Dogget - 12-24-2022

havent played in a bit but this individual definetly has the knowledge, and theyre also super kind, so yeah, +1

RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - Silent Majority - 12-24-2022

Ezera is friendly and kind and generally a good player to be around. Ezrra also demonstates marked sportsmanship.

RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - Croissant - 12-24-2022

I don't remember there not being an Ezra when I started playing....
Ezra's also got a positive behaviour and lotsa things to teach.
A +1 indeed.

RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - MCWarhammer - 12-27-2022

I've seen Ezra take time out of his shifts many times to educate newer players on various game systems, including complex ones in engineering and security. Very pleasant to play with as well. +1

RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - Gamebot26 - 01-01-2023

The afro is FAKE but that brain is huge. Ezra knows a lot of things, plays sec really well, and is active in the community. He would make a good mentor.


RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - Judobum - 01-05-2023

Ezra knows a ton of stuff and would be a great mentor. +1

RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - babayetu83 - 01-07-2023

i would have expected you to have been one already from how your breadth of knowledge is made apparent from how helpful you are both ingame and in discord, +1

RE: Mentor App?? Ezra Callison - Frolicsome Flufficorn - 01-12-2023

Ezra is a legend. Honestly If I had to say someone who I genuinely think that the community of this game likes its Ezra. Cant really fault the guy, Knows his stuff ALOT. like I cant overstate that this guy is a knowledge bank. Plus in general just a really nice and friendly guy. Fun to joke with and can be serious when needed to be. Honestly everything you would want from a Mentor. Love you Ezra smile