HoS Application - Operative Paladin (LadyGeartHeart)
Usual character name: Operative Paladin

BYOND username: LadyGeartheart
Discord username: DM Rayne#7869
Recommended by): No one that specifically said they recommended me.
Goon servers you play: 1 3 and 4, though as of late 3 is my focus

Reason for application: 
First application got a touch derailed. A few reasons. We have a little less variety in our HoS. I do not mean this to say that those we have are not stellar and I am always happy to see, but in that the pool, especially on RP, seems a bit shallow at the moment. I have become quite dedicated to my play and as always, my desire for better interaction and overall experience for players. I feel it could create role play opportunity and further, variety within scenarios and interactions, as well as giving more voices to the role of guidance and oversight. I am quiet invested in the interplay that goes in between the antager and the antagee, and I wish to be able to allow and encourage interplay, while also being sometimes available to stop the extremely uncommon but always annoying rare interplay of what occurs when a command antag happens and security isn't allowed into the bridge.

I know that last part sounds silly, but you would not believe how often it can come up over a large sample size. To say I am faultless is of course wrong, or to say that I have nothing less to learn is ridiculous. But I do think I have been around the block enough times that it would aid in helping people around the block, and further, could create more opportunity for growth in the field in both directions. As an addendum and I say this with all due humility, I am sometimes made to serve as a leader in some situations and I sometimes get told I should try, so, putting myself out here and getting a vacation from responding to the other applications for a little bit.

I also wish to note that becoming HoS does not mean I have any intention of not being a secoff still. I do not want to forget basics, and indeed, I think for the most part my playstyle and method of play has evolved in a particular direction where I would not act that differently regardless of beret color. Fairness and Fun are my important standbys. Professionalism is just how I like to be. As said, I like playing the straight man. It lets the silly man shine.

Security experience: 
Since November of last year I have played security sporadically, often as detective, with the occasional secass or secoff here and there. As a detective I was quite dogged on my targets, and as I played longer my detective runs became an often more common, if not my usual, play. for about 6 months is was every day, and as of about 3 months ago it has become every single day to the point its now what 90% of my shifts are. I primarily play a Sec Officer, and usually consign myself to communication, coordination and investigation, often only stepping in to take down if there are not other officers available.

 This isn't of course due to my inability to do so, but rather, the 'catch' is the thrilling part and I like to share that whenever I can with everyone else. Events, rampages, murderbones and extended. Pacifist antags to the flock, zombie swarms and once a really really annoying lawyer. Self antags and disaster rounds, I think in my hundreds of shifts I have seen pretty much the whole of the experience. I've learned to request and take advice and dispense it. In my time on RP I have learned a lot about fairness, keeping the round going along and really? How much I love interacting with people I never even met before in game. I love fielding complaints about others and officers. Listening to concerns, taking threats seriously and trying to make the crew feeel more secure. 

I like when a villian gets bad enough to tell the crew. I like trying to not close out the non security from stuff, getting other people involved and being a reasonable face. I think when I first started (security wise), I was seen as a bit of a figure of dread, but now? Many a round has taught me to do one of my favorite things in RP security. Deescalating and being the straight woman.

I feel it is important for a security staff, based on my time playing, in an RP environment or out, to allow the antag a chance to shine and play with their toys before they receive retaliation, and to retaliate in a fair and just manner. No rushing for outside gear, no using tools from outside security to give us advantages, no using cheap tactics and mean stratagies. I'm not going to loot chests and use lube, I'm not going to equip specialized armor or rush to get art weapons..or even used them without incredibly good reason. A flash, a baton, donuts and team work are what security has, as well as our tazers. If we need more then that we have an armory.

What advice would you give to other sec players? It's not about winning or losing. It is about having fun. Give the antags a chance, but also, give them opposition.  Confront a pacifist antag and let them know how thin their ice is. Don't be afraid to confront someone using syndicate gear. And most of all? Use your words first. Don't come after someone with weapons drawn. Try to talk it out. it gives a lot of satisfying rp. It also gives the criminal a chance to get in a little bit of extra fight before the curtain call.

What was one of your favorite security moments? A particularly deadly plague wraith on donut 3 showed up. Security lead people to and helped fortify the church against attackers, the staff made medicine and holy water, and security distirbuted some weapons to staff members because the situation had so fast gotten out of hand. then watching security fight pitched bloody battles, one room at a time, to clear out the disease and rats and death, ending with my team covered in gore and traumatized, the wraith dying  dying to a miner wielding a breaching hammer I let them have and the last plague rat squirming in my choke hold saying "Please let us live" and seeing how many staff members said "no" and nothing else as we beat it to explosion.

What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players? The contraband stickers help a LOT. as did removing the dozens of free forensic scanners and the alert change, so: The detective's locker being hardened would be nice, I'm noticing it's becoming robbed almost habitually anymore, further, I would like it if for..say..15-20 seconds a GPS tracker could track to a person who gave a sec/health/janitor alert.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer. I generally try to work with the civillians even more. I consistently inform command, and if someone is dangerous, I warn the staff. I also tend to try to get the ai to watch over me when i go into a bad place, I don't want to 'just win' an encounter, but I don't want to leave the station without security.

Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
A cold night in space-
Even the antags stay home.
Wait.. Sec! Help Ling Maint!
What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run? Simple and boring and I do it all the time, but weapons and scenario trainings. I like letting people test out things, explaining smaller functions, and guiding through tactics for, using, and against, various traitor gear.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
Not counting accidental IP or computer ID bans, I was banned about 7 months ago for my habit of changing AI laws without being antag, something I of course stopped, and more recently a month ago for Rouging the AI without significant or sufficient buildup, something which I had never actually paused to think about nor naturally do. And once I asked for a 1 day ban in place of a fairly simple warning because I said something wrong and I did not want to avoid punishment. I of course always take any punishment in good faith and fully support the decisions of the admin team on both of those.

And there we go!  The die are now cast and I await what comes<3
I believe I've played with you as Security or seen you as Security a few dozen times since joining Goon, and I have never seen you acting poorly or rashly. You often seem on top of what is going on, readily responsive to emergencies or dangerous situations, and happy to chat or provide advice to those who ask for help. As well, I have seen you calmly and respectfully take on a leadership role when other Sec are goofing around a bit to much, or seem lost or unsure of what to do in a situation. Personally, you've given me good/helpful advice as Sec and I find playing with you on the team to be a nice experience. +1
hos is a facilitator and has to make decisions that are more sensitive to the people on the other side of the screen, even if it may conflict with personal narrative. my take right now, interest in security is usually for meta reasons (fits with arc, you see an announcement in the lobby on admin special rounds, frame things in OOC as "this is just how my character acts").

technicals: you lone wolf off on your own and dont communicate why you're arresting people, sometimes wordlessly grabbing people out of the hall.
punishments for minor infractions tend towards being very extreme. I've seen, when the captain told you to lay off a chef for breaking a securitron the decision to grapple, pin, and chainflash them for another two minutes while ignoring what the team said and commanding them over radio to come in and arrest.

some other concerns i have:
• deflecting from harm done to other real people behind the screen by excusing it as "just how your character is"
• worked security feedback/criticism into your IC lore as character traits
• re-established the exact same patterns of behavior in the same role (metafriending)
• harrassed people privately. you have the option to take stuff on the chin and move on from it with no further comment.

you also are very invested in "winning" as security, and talk a lot in OOC chat or end-of-round chat about "your" officers and how many of the antags you identified/killed.

there's some other general play concerns i have about use of metaknowledge, powergame-y items like mechboots as secoff, and exploits for in-game advantages.
I really like the way silent majority try to organize the security team, specially when they dont have a HoS/Captain active. They have been really reliable, and i know they are also a good player mechanically (what is usually good, but can be an issue in some specifics moments, hence the following part). The only thingy id like to point out, and it may sound weird, but is how rarely die/is caught in a disadvantageous situation, and sometimes that is the kick a round needs. I still would very much like to see them in the HoS and NTSC position, since they got a good feel on the rounds "vibe", directing on how to deal with people, balancing space law and context. Also, the sitreps are just amazing, and thats a thing i really see fitting the HoS/NTSC position. Since we are roleplaying, the context affects everyone a lot, specially the security decision making. That can quickly help late arrivals to get a grip on the situation, and save them a lot of brainwork on understanding what the hell is going on, and really help adding people to the drama/plot/round moment.
HoS is not the main character of the station. However, from the way you act, I presume that’s what it would end up being for you, and that’s why I can’t say this is a good idea at the moment. This, as stated above, strikes me more as a character arc choice and not a choice to benefit the game and gameplay.

I’ve often seen you focus on ‘winning’ as security, to the detriment of things. This is not just a singular ‘you’ thing, but unfortunately common. However, it’s something you also end up doing.

More importantly, I’ve seen you walk into RPs and take control of them and decide to direct them- in the sense of making yourself the spotlight. You make yourself the focus of the interactions, and act in ways that insist attention be paid to chiefly you. This is a consistent pattern of behavior that isn’t healthy for RPs, and gets extremely tiring- to the point where you push other security members out of the RP so you can take control of it instead.

Other things:
•you tend to be brusque, which is not a bad thing, but it can be rude. Minor comments both IC and OOC.
•the same pattern of metacliques and metafriends that plagued your last app is still persistent today.

On a positive note:
•skilled and professional as a security member. If there is an issue, you are a reliable security officer to talk to about it; you follow up and close any issues that arise.
In response to the two 'metaclique" comments: i speak to two people oocly from here. One only rarely plays with me. The other does not play nor plays in my present department. I don't think i have had a private rp in about 4 months where i sooke to anyone one on one outside of innpu

(11-20-2022, 10:14 AM)Silent Majority Wrote: In response to the two 'metaclique" comments: i speak to two people oocly from here. One only rarely plays with me. The other does not play nor plays in my present department.  I don't think i have had a private rp in about 4 months where i sooke to anyone one on one outside of innpu

Sorry, hit enter. In public areas. I do appreciate the feedback but again as before I am unsure how to disuade the notion. I play a lot. As such I have alot of experiences with people.

Of course this is not a place for.discussion of such, rather an acknowledgement of your concerns.

Also my.small what if.to the concept of character arc choice thing(Baring in mind inam not even surr.thst if i got this.role.thst paladin would be the hos charsctrr, and may not) is simply this: is it considered bad if.th3 character has worked towards it as well as the player?

This is.in chsrscter, since we are judging this innthe above complaint icly, something she has never asked for or expressed an interest in or desire. She has.nevrr asked.to be "HoS for a day' or even accepted field promotions or captsins or others trying to call her hos.

If you have any other concernd or want to give mr feedbsck feel free to DM though! I would be happy to listen and respond
While i have a few direct interactions as a player myself, i had some occasions as bystander where paladins behaviour struck me as somewhat unnecessarily escalating by too direct and non-communicative action. And i can see how this results out of the character operative paladin. She is a direct and somewhat distanced/cold character, from my experience. But while that really plays well as a secoff, i have my doubts that this isn't detrimental to the round as a HOS. These kind of secoffs are normally what a HOS needs to keep in check because of that escalation potential and the potential to shut down antags too quick and turn a round into extended.

While i didn't had the best examples of what that could turn into, we had yesterday a round which i can really use as an example:

It began with me goofin' around to find a somewhat consistent method to create cluwne chickens and find sone advanced stuff about chickens (need to reproduce it but i made some interesting observations). I got the chickens, talked with the AI about it a bit, build a glass enclosure around them and got cluwnified while trying to feed these little devils. I sealed the enclosure and was pondering how to work with the containment, scare people somewhat and interact with the inevitable sec that will arrive. That was when paladin arrived first, followed by a clown sec. Since cluwnes are fair game and considered to be suffering, operative didn't pondered as long as me and stunned me down, grabbed and dragged me into medbay for debraining and cloning. My biggest gripe with that was simply the missing interaction. Well, which were not baton hits while i was on the operation table so i had absolutely no chance to interact much with the doctor besides honking. Like that was completely fine IC behavior, but it mostly left me out as a player.

What happened in the meantime, since now the cluwne chicken enclosure was left without supervision, was that the clown secoff breached containment and got cluwnified. And that one went running through the whole station. On the other hand, while i was in the cloner and my body pulped, someone was able to grab some cluwne gamergear ™ and got cluwnified as well. Then a GBS pandemic hit the station and everything from then on went downhill (and i proceed to find a funny disposal pipe ride straight into the singulo, go figure)

Just to demonstrate what i am trying to say: the quick decision to end the cluwnes life was on the one side correct, on the other a more collected approach to access the situation would not only have brought more satisfying interaction between you and the other player in question, but also not have escalated the situation that drastically. You even said post-game that you really don't like cluwnes and i think this mechanistic approach to them is part for the reason.

And i don't blame you for that whole chain of events that round, don't understand me wrong there. The point is more that i expect a HOS to step back and let other people shine for a while. That includes letting other officers be heard or interacting with antags or goofball crewmember. And i my current problem is that i am unsure about operative paladin there and i don't kniw if it's the character or you as a player. So overall that would be a -/+0 from me.
Based off some older comments I think you’ve definitely made a lot of improvements! I do appreciate the willingness to offer help to assistants, and defense of crew—one round my character was getting pretty beat by another character and Paladin stepped in. Same with handling a rather large threat like the few zombie apocalypses we’ve had on RP, and helping to mitigate the death counts the events usually have. queen greater domestic space-bee

This said…I’m not sure if HoS is quite right just yet.
Handling large threats are great! And so is offering to help assistants /sometimes/. This said the gameplay style always felt very suited for a secoff or maybe an NTSC. It feels a bit too distanced from the HoS that generally organizes  the group, directs change and action, effectively gives punishment etc., and I think that ties deeply into how the HoS works within a group dynamic. I feel that the way you play isn’t suited for that role just yet. The way you play Paladin is very lone-wolf and commanding but not very collaborative which is a vital difference that makes her inappropriate for HoS just yet. We need collaboration, to show and teach, and come to conclusions as a whole rather than have one person go aha! And solve it. Which admittedly happens consistently with you especially when there’s crimes where we can only go off forensics.
You play a character whose cold and distant. Cold is interesting for a secoff or detective or ntsc, but too distant for a HoS that feels like they should be more involved with the group and improve our morale or push us to working towards the conclusion of a plot or crime or simply protecting the ship.
A cold demeanor is not necessarily a professional one—a harsh response to fellow sec goofing off is cold and intriguing but can be offputting when in the leadership position.
I do think you’re typically more willing to allow antagonists escalate and are open and vocal about that, which is great! But also I worry about how you’ve responded to them when it comes to security and crew you know and are friends with vs those who are more distant. It feels as if there are points where you punish more swiftly and strongly because a friend was attacked vs random name crew. Which I understand, but can be frustrating from someone on the outside. I recall a round where I was falsely accused of murder, and was kind of held in security for a while, had my items removed, but never returned. Any sort of questions were rebuffed or responded to rudely. Its in character, but feels like something that a HoS would simply not do for the sake of them being a mitigator, mediator, and professional.  If that was because it was a friend who was attacked or an especially difficult round, I’m not sure.
To sum: In general I see you respond more harshly when a friend is hurt vs rando crew. You play very cold and distant, and fail to collaborate. The style of play and rp is good for an officer or detective but not a HoS.
Reminder to everyone to read the mentor/HoS app feedback guidelines before they post.

In particular, please keep these points in mind -

(11-12-2022, 07:08 PM)walpvrgis Wrote: The goal when posting feedback on someone’s application should be to make constructive comments. If someone is HoS or mentor material, tell us why you think they’re fit for the role. If someone isn’t HoS or mentor material, explain why in clear and concise terms and give them actionable feedback.

(11-12-2022, 07:08 PM)walpvrgis Wrote: fat and sassy space-bee Things not to post on someone else’s application:
  • Essays or otherwise long-winded explanations on why you dislike a player or their playstyle. Feedback should be clear and concise.
  • Information that is outdated or unrelated to the applicant’s current behavior or playstyle. Something that happened 6+ months ago may still be relevant - it may also not. Use good judgement.
I think you are someone who truly will make for a good HoS one day, as I like a lot of what I've seen from you. But I don't think you're quite there yet, and I'd like to see you get some more experience under your belt before becoming an HoS.

As I've seen both from playing sec with you, and observing, you're good when it comes to communicating with your team. You also do an excellent job at giving the antags space to breathe, and I can think of multiple examples from the past two days of you getting an antag back in the game after some early instances of bad luck got them caught prematurely.

You are also inclusive and kind to newer members of the sec team, as I've been taught by you before when random-naming as a newer sec-officer. I have confidence that you would do great at teaching newer sec players as an HoS.

Some things I think you can improve on:

Cooperation/collaboration with your fellow sec offs. You operate well individually, but I'd like to see instances of you working together with your team before I'd give you the beret. Being able to work well with and lead your team is extremely important in an HoS.

Indecisiveness. While typically you're good when it comes to dealing with antags, you occasionally falter. One instance I can think of lately was when you had let go a traitor who had engaged in mass-poisonings of the stations crew and let them go saying something like "they haven't done execute worthy crimes." Mass-poisoning of the crew with ricin is very execute worthy!

In addition, while it can be good to LOOC with antags to make sure you're on the same page, it's not a good habit to use it to "get permission" to execute them or whatever. If they commit crime, punish them accordingly!

Keep focusing on improvement, and with more experience, I think you'll make a good HoS one day.
I have worked alongside LadyGeartheart many times in the security department. She is a seasoned player who is more than happy to take new players under her wing and teach them the mechanics of the SS13 game.

I have come to respect and appreciate her for many reasons, one of which is that she always ensures that both the security and antagonist players are having fun in any given rp. She may play a character who is rigid with rules, but that does not stop her from being considerate and fair to her peers. A more recent example of this is when she was more than willing to let Gang leaders keep their lockers and let them continue their rp when they were caught in the early phase of the round. And she even stepped in to speak up in their defence LOOC when her coworker (perhaps unaware of the mechanics) tried to dismantle the Gang Leader's locker when the shift had barely started.

There are many more positive things I could say that might not fit into this comment but based on my personal experiences and observations of her play, I highly recommend that her application for Head of Security is approved.
I haven't played much with you lately but I've done a few rounds + a lot of observing in the last month or so and have seen you putting a lot of effort into changing habits and working on improving the way you play security so I'd like to give some of my thoughts.

- You are communicative with the team, often providing very helpful sitreps and catching people up to speed on current issues. This is one of the best tools a HoS (and any security) has at their disposal. Delegation, organisation, and useful communications between the team can make or break a round.

- I've seen you take less of a role in actual field work and more in organisational efforts/supporting sec assistants or new officers. Again, an important skill to have as the HoS shouldn't be worried about being the "main character" or overbearing; you have a position to help others shine and move the overall story of the round, and I think you've been making strides to improve on this.

- You are mechanically good at the game, obviously. As Hppn said, this can be good, but always remember that sometimes it's more fun for a round if you restrain yourself! (Not saying you don't already, this is just a general piece of advice)

- I've seen the work you have put into to make sure others feel included, often spending time talking with new people in different departments or at the front desk, or sometimes even just hanging out and telling Paladin's story to others, which is a great attribute to see in a HoS, keeping things fun and engaging for crew and antags alike is key to a good round!

- As Angel said above, I'd like to see more working together with members of the team, you're a good and effective officer, but I'd just like to see that bit more when it comes to proactively working with the team.

Again, I'd like to play with you more (I need to play security on 3 some more) before I could give any sort of conclusive recommendation or not, but those are my impressions from the last while of observing and the few times I've played with you recently. For now, keep up the good work and I hope to see you in the beret soon enough.
You have a lot of qualities. You are organized. You tend to be welcoming to newer security and you try to keep people up to date with situation reports. You're also generally good at keeping antags in the game until they've had a chance to get their gimmick going. I'm usually pretty happy to see you in the sec team!
My gripes are mostly with the fact i'd like to see you work more as a team when it comes to action. Treating everyone equally and trying to share tasks so that everyone can have something to do and feel important. Making everyone feel included and useful is important for an Head of Security.
+1 I fully endorse this application for HOS, im not exaggerating when literally every HOS ive asked whos played with paladin, agrees that she is qualified for the role, from my own time in security she has shown not only a good amount of respect to role-play but holds the general respect of most of security and has been defacto a leader figure in several sec rounds ive played when the HOS has yet to arrive. She almost only plays security and has many rounds in it, I would personally disagree with the notion that she is somehow lacking in experience given some of the problems ive seen her solve that relied/required rather niche knowledge of security. Also, more experienced detective players amongst HOS's is a good idea, detective is easily the most powerful sec role after HOS yet is typically underestimated/underutilised. I am actually surprised Silent here has not listed recommendations because I know 2 HOS players who, if I ask, would give them without hesitation!

Side note, since criticisms are advised as well, try to tone down the lethality of paladin when mind hacked. I remember carefully wording that paladin was "permitted" to kill people, not specifically ordered to so so, and you killed quite a few people ruthlessly and efficiently. Was a very fun round but I was still shocked when you revealed your body count.
I can't help but feel that the bar could have been be raised very high here, from my experiences very few HoSes engage over the radio quite as much as the responses here are expecting, like being wholly engaged with the team every shift? Paladin operates and engages with every officer on every shift I've engaged with them.

I, personally, haven't witnessed the powergame/play-to-win side of paladin (and I think that, ultimately, any kind of powergaming is way out of line for HoS) - but if it does happen and you think that HoS will be a good thing because you're granted the best game-winning gear, you should seriously reconsider taking the role.

In direct reference to haunt's specific case, I think a general predisposition to not actually execute people for a poison like Ricin is fine, poisonings are treatable. Explosions and murder in hallways are generally not. That's a personal belief, though. I'd still count that as a positive.

I say +1.

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