Mentor/HoS app feedback guidelines (READ BEFORE REPLYING TO APPLICATIONS)
The goal when posting feedback on someone’s application should be to make constructive comments. If someone is HoS or mentor material, tell us why you think they’re fit for the role. If someone isn’t HoS or mentor material, explain why in clear and concise terms and give them actionable feedback. Do not use someone’s application as an opportunity to berate them or argue. Even negative feedback can be good for the person receiving it if it is constructive.

Sleeping bee Things to post on someone else’s application:
  • Anecdotes which are directly relevant to the application, e.g. “They killed someone as a nonantag for slipping them once with a banana peel”.
  • Judgements on the person based on experience, e.g. “I’ve been a security officer alongside them a few times and they were good and communicated a lot”.
  • General patterns of behavior, e.g. “I’ve noticed that they often break into the captain’s office for the spare ID”.
  • Anecdotes that explain how you’ve seen the applicant improve in some of their behavior or playstyles

bee Examples of good feedback:
  • “They’re great security, I can always count on them to back me up if I call for help. They also always treat me well if I get caught early as an antag. They add a lot of fun cat and mouse gameplay from what I’ve seen by not being too strict or letting people go.”
  • “When I first started playing, they took the time to teach me basic medical. I still see them helping lots of new players and I can tell that they really care about making the game enjoyable for everyone.”
  • “They’re knowledgeable but they have a tendency to powergame and ignore other people’s game experiences. For instance, there was a round last month where it was gangs and they built a bunch of TTVs and set them off because they could. I don’t think mentors should do this kind of thing.”
  • “I think they still need more time as sec. There have been a few times recently where they’ve gotten overwhelmed and lashed out at other players when it’s not their fault. I’d like them to work on that more before they get HoS.”
  • “They will instantly kill any antagonist no matter what they’ve done. If you’re spotted with a traitor item they shoot first ask questions later. I think they need to be more cognizant of the influence HoS has a round and give antags a bit more room to make things fun.”
  • “I see them frequently shove new players trying to learn a job out of the way so they can do it correctly instead of trying to teach the new player how to do their job.”
  • “When I first saw them play security, they would often be too harsh with punishments, but now they’re much more fun to play with and fair about punishments.”

fat and sassy space-bee Things not to post on someone else’s application:
  • “Yes”, “no”, “+1”, “-1”, “pog”, “HoS they”, etc. Explain your reasoning.
  • Essays or otherwise long-winded explanations on why you dislike a player or their playstyle. Feedback should be clear and concise.
  • Arguments or callouts. Do not turn someone’s application thread into a back-and-forth argument about their behavior, even if you think what you’re saying is true. Send us a Discord report if you really feel the need to clarify.
  • Information that is outdated or unrelated to the applicant’s current behavior or playstyle. Something that happened 6+ months ago may still be relevant - it may also not. Use good judgement.
  • Non-constructive, malicious, or joke comments.

sad greater domestic space-bee  Examples of bad feedback:
  • “They’re cool, give them purple”
  • “It’s about time you applied, +1”
  • “-1 they’re bad”
  • A 300+ word long essay about why someone shouldn’t get mentor/HoS
  • “I saw you, eight months ago, do X, why the hell would you do that???”
  • “I hate when I see this player as X role, I just can’t stand them and will cryo when I see them in the same role as me.”
  • “Two years ago when I first started playing, this person would always shove me down and fart on me. I don’t know how they are now but I hated that.”
  • “They’re my favorite clown player, so clearly they should be a Head of Security.”

Additionally, do not post on someone’s application if you yourself have an application open. If you do post, we will disregard it.

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