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Visual Cues for Cloner/Reclaimer Upgrades
There's no indication for when the cloner has the upgrade or a gene mod in it and neither does the reclaimer. This often leads to people tossing rotting corpses at Robotics or simply leaving them in the hall/lobby area because it can be a hassle to bring these people back.

I propose we give a visual indicator that these upgrades are in the cloning pc/reclaimer so that people can instantly tell when functionality is improved for these machines!

I'm Cliff boy and welcome to my TED talk.
Maybe adding a module recolours the clone pod? Kinda like how inserting a health scanner upgrade changes the health scanner screen colour.

Apparently the Prototype Rehabilitation Module #17 already does this but I don't recall seeing it ever.
I like this idea. Dealing with rotting corpses is too much of a hassle for me when I don’t know if they can even be scanned in the first place.
Yes, this is such a needed feature. People shouldn't have to haul a corpse to the scanner to check if the module exists, a simple visual indicator would help. Might mess around and push a PR if I get the chance later.
I support the module but not the gene indicator. Putting genes in the cloner should be something that’s somewhat hidden, so it’s actually worth it.

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