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Bring manta back to main servers
Manta was certainly a nice map and I miss it too
Would like to see Manta back one day but it needs a mapper to take a pass over it.

Things like:
  • Remove much of the lighting from maintenance¬†
  • More forcefields and/or bulkheads (I seem to recall the area around torpedo bay flooding lots? Probably from explosions)
  • Documentation in-game for the junction boxes because what did they even do??
  • Nuclear engine (which was the original intent!) probably a more interesting idea than singularity? (Although singulo on shuttle was always funny)
  • Turn pathology into toxins
  • Areas above the podbays always felt like 'dead space'

Also needs a player cap at maybe 40 players? 

It was a fun map though, definitely felt more like a ship than the other 'ship' maps (Clarion etc)

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