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Bring manta back to main servers
It was personally my favorite map and I wish it could return, it honestly seems strange to put so much work on in it to just remove it from the more popular servers.
It was an unfinished map with problems apperently.

I liked it too since it was unique and had fun areas. I also loved the sea-turtle cause it was a huge mining/side engineering bay. But that got removed since 90% of it was kinda pointless.

I don't know the details but I know programmers did not like it. Though design wise it was a fun place to navigate.
It was terrible for most antags to play on and the maint areas were awful
(09-22-2022, 07:23 AM)mralexs Wrote: It was terrible for most antags to play on and the maint areas were awful

Before the Sea Turtle it wasn't too bad.
After it got removed yea...

But Atlas still is worst even with Low Pop.
singulo engine + water map = shuttle speedrun
sux to play on classic pop but nice as a treat every once in a while
I miss manta for one reason the bar was S-tier in placement.
I stand by the absolute fact that we should be able to construct our own roulette table.
Ozymandias casino with roulette wheel, card tables etc. is what a bar should be imo
My favorite part was the fact that it moved , hopefully another station in the future does that
Remember that Artemis project that got pulled out of secret a good while ago because it was dropped by the devs? That's been sitting practically untouched for over a year now, but if you wanted a moving map you could try to get some people together to work on that lilke what got flock finished.
An admin recently booted up Manta for the first time, and I have to say I absolutely adore it. This comes from someone who loves Oshan, but even that gets stale after a while, so Manta added a lot of Much needed variety. I don't understand the complaints personally, it seems every person I've ever spoken to loves this map, but it's always just said it has "issues" but nobody ever addresses said issues. At the end of the day, why not put it into rotation and just let people, y'know, vote on it? That's what the map vote is for, isn't it?
The main issue people complain about is the lack of maint, which I don’t really mind myself but I understand. IMO people complain about the lack of Manta just to complain
I feel like a singulo directly underneath escape is a pretty massive design flaw.
I don’t recall any more singuloose problems on Manta than on the Donut maps, but that could be because Manta was removed around the time I switched from goon2
If Manta were re-added, several ai cams should be removed so it's easier to sneak around

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