Leah mentor application
yes yes yes leah will be good mentor!!!
+1 from me. Very knowledgeable person, I wouldn't doubt that they would help many more as a Mentor.

Based on this thread, this sounds like a definitive acceptation?
Haven't ever played with them to my knowledge but they are consistently active on the forum, and have a multitude of pr to their credit. I would say those two factors alone are good enough for me to say they actually care about the state of the game and are willing to put in the time effort to continue to do so. Easy +1.
+1. Very kind, very fun, pleasant to talk to, helped code a PR for me when I was too badly at coding to do it.
Leah has a beeg amount of Pr to their name... Plus the nerd is knowledgeable in more than two or three things...
And they are nice....... *scream

+1 for the blue haired nerd !

Leah definitely has the know how, and from in-game interactions alone they are a pleasant person.
Wait Leah isnt already mentor? Why not!!!!
Leah is like best person and very knowledgeable and is like best mime.
Best Mime, I suggest all mime mains take way after Leah. I LOVE MIME. Also when mime becoming Round start???
Also in terms of Personal experience, I don't think ive ever seen leah not be extremely polite and nice and i cant imagine a better person to be a mentor.
I honestly already thought you were one tbh!!!
1000000% +1 from me. Maybe even a 100000000000000000%
Not even a question, would absolutely be a great mentor. Knows a LOT of the games systems and has put a ton of work into improving the game as a whole. Beyond that, they're also just a charming person to play with, and are one of my favourite people to banter with. Absolutely a must have for the mentor team. +1
Smart but smelly coder +1 from me, is very smart
leah is a very helpful and friendly person, its great to play with and interact with her on discord. she is also very knowledgeable. i think she would be a great mentor! cant wait for her answering all the questions about flock that i can't answer >smile
Leah is a a real nice person and knows more than enough to be fit for the job. +1!
With how professional they act, and how helpful they are, I thought Leah was already a mentor



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