Leah mentor application
Usual character name: Leah Polaris
BYOND username: LeahTheTech
Discord username (if you are on our discord): LeahTheTech#1036
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: 1 with a desire to one day return to RP

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I've been playing the game for a while now, and contributing code for most of it. I came from the Tomato tide and learned the game on RP, in the wonderful friendly environment where anyone will take 15 minutes out of their day to teach you the basics of a department, then somewhat burnt out on RP and ended up playing more on classic where help and guidance can be more rare. I enjoy answering questions, teaching people and code diving for the really obscure ones.

Medical: I am the doctor that will take any excuse to give people a crash course in how to medic, has too many hyposprays for their own good and still after a thousand hours has to check the wiki to remember surgery steps (Surgery rework when). I'm a competent roboticist and utterly useless at genetics.

Security: Security assistant is my cozy role where I wander around ticketing people or showing them where medbay is and occasionally getting eaten by a changeling. That said, I've played enough regular security to know how everything works and how to deal with difficult crimers and strange secoffs.

Civillian: I play way too much janitor and powergame relentlessly in service of keeping the floors clean, but will always give the tsunami to any newbie who asks what it is. Otherwise I know a decent amount of botany and enough chef and bartender to keep the single staffie who eats all the chef's food and drinks 200u of alcohol satisfied.

Engineering: I know enough engineering to run the engine on a decent burn for most of the round, but no more than that. I know a bit of mech-comp and packet wizardry, but not enough to kill god.

Science: I know all science roles pretty well, once spent an entire round teaching an arcfiend artsci, and am head of the campaign for more people ordering chemicals.

Silicon: I play a lot of AI, not so much borg as I object to the idea of having a physical form.

Antags: I have pretty good experience of all antags (especially flock since I helped make it :P). The only two I have disabled are werewolf and nukie commander because I don't enjoy werewolf and am allergic to responsibility.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
just based on the sheer number of PRs you have a hand in I trust your knowledge of the ins and outs of the game far more than I trust my own, +1
Knowledgeable and is involved in a lot of code. Would be a great mentor +1
Leah is a good person, very good player, kind and helpful. Has high imagination and solid botany knowledge. Teached me lots of stuff i couldn't figure out myself. +1
Quote:solid botany knowledge
I'm pretty sure I have an admin note for accidentally poisoning 20 people through sheer botany incompetence but thank you  queen greater domestic space-bee

Leah has been a pretty consistently awesome player, and I think she'd be a fine mentor Sleeping bee
+1 Leah is very patient with people and has good knowledge of game mechanics. I believe they would make a good mentor.
leah has always been very friendly and present in the community, cant wait to ping her about flock questions in the mentor channel ☀︎
leah why did you not tell me you were gonna apply for mentor!! i literally would have recommended.
solid player and awesome coder, mentor material and really cool friend smile def a solid +1
literally there is no way she doesn't know almost all her shit at this point and I've seen her helping people in game a few times.
....your character has blue hair right? I'm not losing my mind? i feel like my object permanence is fading away.
Very knowledgeable and a friendly face! Would love to see them as a mentor! +1
I am the blue ponytail one yes
A few days ago, I rolled Flockmind in a round on Heisenbee. I did terribly, and after I died for my final time, I began to somewhat complain in deadchat - about how obtuse I found the gamemode, about some parts bugging out and not working, and just overall acted unpleasant.

Leah, who was in deadchat as well, had the grace to put aside my whining to help teach me about what I did right, what I did incorrectly, and solicited feedback, particularly on the parts that bugged out. It would have been entirely understandable to avoid engaging with me because, to my shame, I was acting rather unpleasant.

This manner of grace and patience is a mark of an excellent mentor. On top of that particular example, I can attest to her exemplary conduct in the community. I have no fear at all she would act, as the mentor guidelines put it, "in a way that is insulting or abusive to players".

Of course, while specific knowledge isn't necessary for mentorhood, it is certainly very helpful; and Leah is one of the, if not THE, foremost experts on flock. Her addition to the mentor team would be an excellent boon for players needing answers regarding this nascent game mode.

Always kind and helpful both in-game and on the discord (which they are very active in), full of knowledge and is happy to share it, as proven by their responses to questions on discord. +1 from me
Leah is a really nice face and very knowledgeable. I think they would make a great mentor. +1

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