Mentor Application - Mavis Moovenheimer
not gonna lie, im a bit iffy about this app. i have not often seen you helping people or answering questions, although im sure you have the necessary knowledge and would be willing to do so.

anyway, that's not my main problem. i often see you talk about how much you want to be a mentor or have the purple name, so i got the impression that you see mentorship as some kind of exclusive club, that will guarantee you popularity in some way. a thing that is not at all. mentorship is a tool to help players.

also i think mentors have to exhibit good, friendly attitude in discord as well, and you have sometimes crossed the line too much with jokes and "playful bullying" (not sure if you know what i mean) and personally that is not something i like to see from someone who wants to be a mentor.

hope this feedback is not too harsh and it may be helpful for you! im sure you have the qualities to be a good mentor in the future.
I'm unhappy to do this but I usually think I need to be extremely honest.

Mavis's fanaticism on hunting vampires when a chaplain I fear borders on valid hunting. My first ever observation of Mavis was beating someone to death with a bible, and my first interaction was being beaten to death with a bible when I was trying to steal a blood bag and while handcuffed and pinned.

Mavis often dips into bullying IC and OOC, which I fear sometimes go to far.

I have had mavis forcefeed me and inject me without consent or asking with morphine, something I have seen their general character do several times.

Mavis is one of the only people I know who gets audibly excited to kill switch and does so at the first possible opportunity instead of giving the silicons a chance to actually antagonize.

A firm -1. I am sure in the future this could change, but as things stand, I must use my prior observation not my future.
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to some concerns regarding your behaviour. Feel free to reach out to us via discord if you wish some additional info. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days!

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